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App Name AirDroid MOD APK
Size 95 MB
Latest Version v4.3.5.1
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update Feburary 1, 2024
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AirDroid MOD APK is an innovative app which enables remote control of your Android device via PC or laptop, offering the convenience of managing your mobile tasks right on your desktop. Primarily, this multi-platform app allows you to transfer files, mirror screens, and control Android devices wirelessly, providing unlimited access to premium features without the need to root your device. This user-friendly app supports a variety of functions such as managing your SMS messages, WhatsApp, and Telegram notifications right on your PC screen.

With Airdroid Premium APK, you can easily share files, import data, and even play games from your mobile device while the actions mirror onto your PC or laptop screen. This app could be installed easily on a mobile phone or tablet and provides a window into your Android device. Notably, the inclusion of the AirMirror and remote camera feature allows for even more versatile control of your Android device. With AirDroid Parental Control MOD APK, you no longer need cables or Bluetooth to connect, making it a convenient way to maintain remote access to your Android devices.

What Does AirDroid MOD APK Premium Unlocked Do?

AirDroid is an amazing application that allows you to access and manage your Android devices remotely. With the help of AirDroid APK, you can control your Android device from your PC or Mac. The remote control feature of AirDroid allows you to take full control of your device, without the need for rooting. Whether you want to reply to mobile messages, manage files, or even play games, AirDroid makes it easier and more convenient.

Airdroid Premium APK

You can use AirDroid App on your mobile to control your Android device from anywhere. The premium version of AirDroid offers even more features and functionality. You can mirror your mobile screen to your PC, share pictures with your audience, and even make calls using the Bluetooth headset of the phone. With AirDroid, you have full control over your device, making it a must-have tool for Android users.

Use AirDroid Parental Control MOD APK For Parental Control

With AirDroid, you can remotely control and monitor your child’s Android device from your own device or computer. This allows you to manage their apps, settings, and content, ensuring responsible usage. Additionally, AirDroid Cast APK enables you to view and manage files on their device, keeping track of the types of content they access. The screen mirroring feature allows you to monitor their activities in real-time. Furthermore, AirDroid provides SMS notifications, keeping you informed about their communications. However, it is important to maintain open communication and trust with your child when implementing any parental control measures.

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What are the Key Features of AirDroid MOD APK?

File Transfer

AirDroid Premium APK is specifically designed to enable seamless file transfers between your Android device and other gadgets like laptops or tablets. It supports wireless transmission so you can conveniently send documents, photos, videos, and more anywhere anytime without the hassle of finding cables.

AirDroid Parental Control MOD APK

This app isn’t just about moving files from one gadget to another; it’s about speed and ease. Enhanced with top-notch technology, AirDroid guarantees swift transfers ensuring that you don’t waste precious time waiting for files to move across devices.

Screen Mirroring

AirDroid MOD APK allows you to project your Android device’s screen onto a computer or other devices. This feature is particularly handy for presentations, as you can showcase your device’s screen to a larger audience, making it easier to share content, demonstrate apps, or deliver a presentation.

AirDroid APK

Screen mirroring also comes in handy for collaborating with others. Whether you’re working on a project or troubleshooting an issue, being able to mirror your device’s screen onto a computer allows others to see exactly what you see, enabling seamless collaboration and problem-solving.

Remote Control

AirDroid APK MOD provides you with advanced tools for managing your Android device remotely from a computer or other compatible devices. It acts as your digital key to complete control over your Android phone or tablet from anywhere.

With this powerful tool, there’s no longer any need to have physical access to your phone to manage apps, tinker with settings or interact with content. You can access and control every aspect of your device’s functionality at the touch of a button. Whether you’re a busy professional needing to respond swiftly to messages while on-the-go, or you’re streaming media and wish to optimize playback settings from afar, AirDroid makes these tasks not just possible but incredibly convenient.

SMS Management

With AirDroid MOD APK, you can conveniently manage your SMS messages from your computer or other devices. This feature allows you to stay connected and respond to text messages without the need to constantly pick up your phone. Here’s how it works:

  • Receive SMS Notifications: AirDroid syncs your Android device’s SMS notifications to your computer or other devices. You’ll receive real-time notifications on your desktop, making it easy to stay updated on incoming messages.
  • Send SMS Messages: Using AirDroid’s interface, you can compose and send SMS messages directly from your computer or other connected devices. Typing on a keyboard can be much faster and more convenient than using a touchscreen, especially for longer messages.
  • Manage Conversations: AirDroid Cast APK allows you to view and manage your SMS conversations seamlessly. You can access your entire message history, organize conversations, delete unwanted messages, and search for specific messages or contacts.

By enabling you to manage SMS messages from your computer or other devices, AirDroid Premium APK streamlines your communication process and offers a more integrated experience across devices. It provides convenience, efficiency, and the ability to respond to text messages without interrupting your workflow.

Notification Sync

AirDroid APK allows seamless syncing of app notifications from your Android device to your computer or other devices. This feature provides an extraordinary amount of convenience, particularly for those who use multiple devices simultaneously.

AirDroid Cast APK

The notification syncing mechanism covers a wide range of applications- right from messaging apps to social media platforms and beyond. Got a new notification on Instagram or WhatsApp on your Android device? You will see the same alert right on the screen of the computer you are using.

Remote Camera

AirDroid Parental Control MOD APK allows you to remotely access and utilize your Android device’s camera. This enables you to capture photos or videos from a distance, making it useful for surveillance, monitoring, or capturing group photos. Whether you need to discreetly monitor a location, capture group moments without a photographer, or simply take photos from a distance, the remote camera feature expands the functionality of your Android device, providing convenience and versatility in various scenarios.

Find My Phone

AirDroid MOD APK provides an essential feature called Find My Phone. This helpful function is designed specifically to locate your misplaced or lost Android device swiftly and conveniently.

AirDroid Parental Control APK

Upon activation, the Find My Phone service allows you to initiate different preventive measures with just a few clicks. You can set off an alarm in your device from a remote location, making it easier to spot it if it’s within your vicinity.

Pros and Cons of AirDroid Premium APK


  • AirDroid Parental Control APK allows for seamless file sharing between different devices, improving the convenience and efficiency of data transfer.
  • It provides remote access to your device from anywhere, giving you the ability to manage your files even when away from the physical gadget.
  • The app offers a user-friendly interface that is relatively easy to navigate and operate.
  • You can receive and respond to messages or notifications directly from your computer, minimizing distractions during work or study.
  • It supports wireless connection which eliminates the need for physical cords.


  • Some users have pointed out connectivity issues with the app where it disconnects or fails to connect at times.
  • Security could be a concern as giving an app remote access means it could potentially be vulnerable to hackers.
  • The free version of AirDroid has many limitations and you have to subscribe for premium services for extensive usage.
  • Sometimes the application may run slow which might affect productivity particularly in time-sensitive situations.
  • There are instances where files fail to upload or download correctly, leading to loss or corruption of data.

Conclusion: Download AirDroid MOD APK For Android

AirDroid APK offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance the management and control of Android devices. From file transfer and screen mirroring to remote camera access and SMS management, AirDroid Pro APK provides a seamless and convenient experience for users. Whether it’s for personal use, professional presentations, or parental control, AirDroid’s versatile capabilities cater to a wide range of needs. With its ability to bridge the gap between Android devices and other platforms, AirDroid remains a valuable tool for efficient device management and control.


Can I use AirDroid on iOS devices?

No, AirDroid MOD APK is specifically designed for Android devices. It is not compatible with iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads.

Is AirDroid APK secure?

AirDroid prioritizes security and utilizes encryption to protect data during file transfers and remote connections. Users are advised to exercise caution when granting remote access to their devices.

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