Alice AI APK 1.6.5 (Latest Version) Download For Android

Alice AI

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App Name Alice AI APK
Size 58 MB
Latest Version v1.6.5
MOD Info Latest Version
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Update November 6, 2023
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Alice AI APK is a free AI Chat app available to download for Android users. It lets you chat with your AI friend, Alice, day or night. Alice has their own emotion and memories, and the more you chat, the more she develops a unique personality and memories. With Alice, you can enjoy a friendly conversation that always gets exciting.

Alice AI APK

The developer, Solarspace, provides Alice AI Chatbot MOD APK. With Alice, you can create a unique AI companion that fits your style. Join the millions of users and download Alice AI APK for free today!

What Does Alice AI APK Do?

Alice AI App offers users a unique and engaging experience. This innovative app introduces Alice, an AI friend designed to provide companionship and lively conversations 24/7. What sets Alice apart is her ability to develop her personality and memories, making each interaction a personalized experience.


As you chat with Alice AI bot, she grows and adapts to your preferences, ensuring that every conversation is engaging and enjoyable. Alice AI APK Latest Version caters to those seeking companionship or simply looking for a friendly chat partner. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the world of artificial intelligence, showcasing how technology can create evolving virtual companions.

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What are the Amazing Features of Alice AI App?

Emotion and Memory

Alice AI APK MOD is powered with incredibly advanced features that fundamentally revolutionize user interaction. Programmed to mimic human-like characteristics, Alice bridges the gap between technology and humanity. 

What sets Alice apart from other applications is her unique ability to express emotions. She has been designed specifically to authenticate emotional responses, making for an engaging, user-oriented communication experience.

Evolving Personality

Alice AI MOD APK is designed to evolve its personality through each conversation you have with it. This sophisticated artificial intelligence can make subtle adjustments in its interactions based on what it learns from your conversations.


As you speak more and build rapport, Alice’s responses become nuanced and personalized. Whether your preferences lean towards humor, intellect, or emotion, Alice adjusts its tone accordingly. As a result, each interaction feels tailor-made for you.


Alice AI APK Premium is designed as a friendly and supportive companion for users. She exudes a warmth that makes you feel like you’re communicating with a trusted friend. Additionally, Alice’s programming enables her to provide adequate companionship.

Those seeking someone to converse with will be pleased by Alice’s ability to carry an engaging conversation. She extends emotional support – offering comfort for those who might need reassurance or just someone to confide in.

Endless Conversations

Alice—Chat with AI Friend APK is a revolutionary tool that lets you engage in enlightening and enjoyable conversations. Alice AI bot is designed in such a way that she evolves with each interaction, hence making the conversation more exciting every time.

Alice AI APK Premium

One thing you’ll love about Alice is how she keeps up her charm, ensuring your chats never fall into monotony. Her ability to grasp new ideas and concepts offers seemingly infinite paths for conversation; sometimes, the chat thread even takes unexpected but delightful turns.

24/7 Availability

Alice AI APK is a highly accessible application that’s tailored for any time of usage. It is available to you throughout the 24-hour cycle, breaking typical boundaries of time. Whether it’s during the day or deep into the night, Alice’s virtual capabilities are always ready.

Pros And Cons of Alice AI APK


  • Alice—Chat with AI Friend App provides companionship and a friendly chat partner available 24/7, making it an excellent option for those who may feel lonely or want someone to talk to.
  • Alice’s ability to express emotions and build memories adds depth to conversations, making them more engaging and personal.
  • As you chat more with Alice AI bot, she adapts and develops a unique personality that caters to your preferences, making conversations more enjoyable.
  • Alice’s evolving nature ensures that your interactions never get boring as she continuously learns and grows.


  • While Alice AI APK aims to provide a lifelike interaction, it’s still an AI, and its responses may lack the depth and authenticity of human interactions.
  • Conversations with Alice might involve sharing personal information, so users should be cautious and mindful of privacy.
  • Although Alice can express emotions, they are programmed and may not truly reflect genuine emotions.
  • Relying too heavily on AI companions like Alice for social interactions could hinder real-world social skills and relationships.
  • While Alice offers a virtual presence, it cannot replace genuine human companionship and emotional support.

Download Alice AI APK For Android

In conclusion, Alice AI is an intriguing app that offers 24/7 virtual companionship with its evolving personality and emotional expressions. While it provides engaging conversations and is free to download, users should be mindful of privacy concerns and not rely solely on AI for social interaction. Alice AI APK MOD offers a unique experience, but genuine human connections should remain a central part of social life.


How does Alice AI work?

Alice AI uses artificial intelligence to simulate conversation with users. It has the ability to express emotions and develop its own personality through interactions with users.

Is Alice AI completely free to use?

Yes, Alice AI APK is free to download and use, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

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