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App Name Course Hero MOD APK
Size 122 MB
Latest Version v4.3.27
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update February 8, 2024
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Course Hero MOD APK is a specially developed app version of Course Hero, designed exclusively for Android users. It offers students a premium study environment, facilitating homework solutions and answering academic questions. The app integrates a math solver, offering unlimited access to problem-solving. It can be easily installed on your Android device, enabling you to get instant solutions while studying. This advanced version of Course Hero features a professional tutor aid, allowing students to solve the most complex study challenges. It eliminates the nuisance of ads that can disrupt your study time. Beyond math, the app also offers study documents and detailed study guides across various subjects. You can instantly have high-quality study resources and solutions with Course Hero App.

Course Hero MOD APK Premium Unlocked – Math Solver

The Course Hero is a revolutionary educational tool that provides quick, quality homework answers and study materials for various subjects. Among the subjects you’re studying could be calculus, algebra, trigonometry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, accounting, economics, psychology, statistics, foreign languages, social studies, and more! This Android app offers a free math solver where you can snap a photo of a problem and get answers instantly. The app has an answer scanner and solver that helps you understand complex issues step-by-step. This feature and the app’s AI allow students to find homework answers efficiently and effectively.

Course Hero MOD APK

Through the Course Hero APK Premium, users can access course notes and test prep materials and exercise their knowledge with the help of online tutors anytime. The Android device-based platform also allows students to save study resources to their library for offline access. In addition, the courses you’re following are kept in your study library, providing notifications for new resources based on your previous searches. This aids students to study smarter and increases their chances of earning better grades. This way, students can easily experience the benefits that Course Hero provides unlocked.

Can I save study materials for offline access?

You can save study materials for offline access within the Course Hero APK Unlocked. When you find study resources helpful, such as course notes, study guides, or other documents, you can save them to your library. This allows you to access these materials even when you don’t have an internet connection. Keeping study materials for offline access ensures you can review them anytime, anywhere, without relying on an internet connection.

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What are the Useful Features of Course Hero MOD APK?

Course-specific documents

Course Hero Premium APK allows you to access millions of study materials specific to your course. The application has numerous resources, including well-detailed course notes and comprehensive study guides.

Course Hero APK Premium

With Course Hero, you are not limited in subject choices. It covers various subjects, making it an excellent platform for students pursuing different fields of study. There is something for everyone from Science to Humanities, Mathematics to Arts.

Math answer scanner and solver

The Course Hero app offers a convenient math answer scanner feature. With this feature, you can take a photo of a math question using the built-in scanner. The app will then process the image and provide instant answers to the question, along with detailed explanations. This allows you to understand the solution and the steps involved quickly. The math answer scanner feature is designed to help you improve your math skills and problem-solving abilities.

Homework help from online tutors

Experience comprehensive study assistance round the clock with Course Hero MOD APK. Our expert online tutors are available 24/7 to assist with your homework across various subjects.

Course Hero APK MOD

Dive into the fascinating world of Mathematics or delve deep into myriad scientific theories; our tutors excel at making complex concepts simple. From understanding statistical methods to deciphering organic chemistry’s mechanisms, you can get help on anything and everything related.

Educator-verified explanations

Course Hero APK MOD allows you access to educator-verified explanations. Educators have reviewed and verified these explanations, ensuring their accuracy and reliability. By utilizing these verified explanations, you can better understand textbook concepts and improve your problem-solving skills.

Having explanations that educators verify instills confidence in the accuracy of the information you are learning. It allows you to rely on trusted sources and enhances your comprehension of complex topics. These verified explanations provide valuable insights and guidance, helping you clearly navigate challenging subject matter. By understanding the concepts better, you can effectively apply them to problem-solving and achieve improved academic performance.

Study resource library

With the Course Hero MOD APK Unlimited Unlocks, you easily manage your educational materials by saving them to your library. This function is not just limited to studying resources; it also extends to questions and answers that you find meaningful – a feature highly beneficial for review purposes.

Course Hero MOD APK Unlimited Unlocks

Your library will be a space of organized files. You can neatly assemble your resources for every subject matter, making it efficient for future reference. Think of it as your virtual file holder with integral learning materials at your fingertips.

Offline access

The Course Hero app offers a convenient feature allowing you to save study materials to your library for offline access. This means that once you come across helpful study resources such as course notes, study guides, or other documents within the app, you can save them to your library. By doing so, you can access these materials anytime, even without an internet connection.

Saving study materials in your library ensures that you have easy and convenient access to them whenever you need to review or study, regardless of whether you have an internet connection available. This feature is handy for situations where you may need internet access or prefer to study offline, such as during travel or in areas with limited connectivity.

Notifications for new class resources

Course Hero APK Premium lets you receive personalized notifications according to your research history and areas of interest. Be the first to know when new materials relating to your interests become accessible.

Course Hero Premium APK

It makes the search for your following study resource remarkably easier. This valuable technology considers the subjects you’ve previously searched within the app and aligns new content with these interests.

Why Download Course Hero MOD APK?

Downloading the Course Hero Premium APK can significantly improve your learning experience by providing instant access to millions of study resources, 24/7 homework help, and step-by-step solutions. This mobile app offers a convenient and personalized studying environment, enabling students at various educational levels to quickly solve their academic challenges. Whether you’re studying for a big exam, working on a difficult assignment, or simply aiming to enhance your knowledge, the Course Hero app aids in mastering your courses effectively and efficiently. The easy-to-use interface enables you to browse a wide variety of courses and subjects, bringing all your educational resources to your fingertips.


Course Hero MOD APK is a valuable resource for students and educators to enhance learning experiences. Its vast library of study resources, educational tools, and interactive community provides an unrivaled platform for academic success. Users can find help in various subjects at any time, which makes studying more effective and efficient. Ultimately, Course Hero empowers its users to excel academically while promoting collaborative learning. So why wait? Tap into Course Hero APK MOD’s knowledge and take your learning journey to the next level today.


How does the math answer scanner work?

The math answer scanner allows users to take a photo of a math question, and the platform provides answers with explanations. Users can follow a simple process to get instant solutions.

Can I get help from online tutors on Course Hero?

Yes, Course Hero MOD APK offers assistance from online tutors for various subjects, providing an opportunity for students to get personalized help.

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