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App Name ExaGear MOD APK
Size 231 MB
Latest Version v3.0.1
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update February 4, 2024
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ExaGear MOD APK is an innovative emulator that allows users to run Windows software on their Android devices. This app enables Android users to convert their mobile devices into a virtual PC. Users can download ExaGear and install the Windows version of their choice, setting their device to operate as a virtual machine. What sets ExaGear Windows Emulator MOD APK apart is its compatibility, which allows the use of Microsoft applications or games like Starcraft on different screen sizes of mobile devices. Its user-friendly interface has built-in hardware support, transforming your Android device into a productivity platform.


With options for an external controller in ExaGear Windows Emulator Android APK, you can tweak the setting to your preference and enjoy new features. The emulator is a product of Eltechs and has been designed for optimal compatibility with many operating systems, enabling Android mobile and desktop users to recreate a Windows working environment in a virtual container.

ExaGear MOD APK – Windows Emulator

ExaGear Windows Emulator APK is a revolutionary software that serves as a Windows emulator for Android. It is a virtual machine that allows users to run various Windows applications and games on ARM Android devices and ARM Chromebooks, providing a full-fledged Windows experience on a mobile device. The Windows virtual software has a predefined list of supported apps and games, including popular titles such as StarCraft, Diablo 2, and Microsoft Office 2010. It even allows for the execution of an exe file from your downloads folder, offering a user-friendly interface that replicates the familiar Windows start menu.

ExaGear supports gaming and various software applications, providing an ideal platform for users to enjoy their favorite Windows apps and games on their Android devices. The functionality of this emulator extends to include built-in touch controls for different screen settings, making gaming and software usage more convenient on a touchscreen. ExaGear MOD APK also offers the option to change the Windows version, enabling users to run mostly older games and software.

ExaGear Windows Emulator MOD APK

Despite its ability to run offline, the ExaGear Windows Emulator receives regular updates, ensuring the latest version is always available. This app provides a compatibility layer that overrides dlls and supports iso files, enabling users to access their favorite Windows games like Fallout 2 and Civilization III on their Android devices.

Can I use external controllers with ExaGear Windows Emulator Android APK?

Yes, peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard compatible with your Android device or Chromebook can generally be used with the ExaGear Windows Emulator MOD APK. The extent of functionality and compatibility can vary with different applications, so some features might only work as expected in some programs. It is always recommended to check the specific peripheral support for the application you intend to use within ExaGear.

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What are the Unique Features of ExaGear MOD APK?

Run Windows Applications

ExaGear APK enables the use of various Windows software on ARM-based Android devices. This remarkable piece of technology essentially transforms your Android device or Chromebook into a virtual Windows PC.

Through ExaGearWindows MOD APK, you’re no longer limited to apps designed specifically for Android. You can operate several Windows software applications directly, making it convenient if you need to run a specific program not available in the Google Play Store.

Gaming Compatibility

ExaGear MOD APK provides the unique ability to play beloved classic PC games directly on your ARM-based Android devices or Chromebooks, offering a dose of nostalgia and the enjoyment of timeless strategy and role-playing titles. With ExaGear, you can dive into the expansive worlds of StarCraft with its deep strategic gameplay, battle the forces of darkness in Diablo 2, or command and conquer in the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

ExaGear Windows Emulator Android APK

This functionality transforms your mobile device into a retro gaming console, allowing you to relive the experiences that defined PC gaming in the late ’90s and early 2000s while benefiting from the portability and convenience of modern technology.

Microsoft Office Support

With ExaGear Windows Emulator MOD APK, working on the go has never been easier. This powerful tool allows you to use Microsoft Office 2010 directly from your mobile device, meaning you can stay productive and manage your tasks no matter where you are.,

This new addition to your mobile software suite brings unprecedented flexibility and convenience. Instead of switching between a computer and your phone or tablet, you can create, edit, and share essential documents from your handheld device using Microsoft Office.

High Performance

ExaGear MOD APK is optimized to run Windows applications quickly and reliably on Android devices and Chromebooks, providing a seamless experience that makes these applications feel like native Android apps. This optimization ensures that users can work or play without experiencing significant lag or performance issues, thus bridging the gap between PC software and mobile device capabilities.

32-bit x86 Windows Support

ExaGear APK Premium is an exceptional software that has been specially engineered. Its primary function is operating 32-bit x86 Windows applications on your device, transforming your Android system environment into a Windows workstation.

,ExaGear’s design highlights its ability to run complex utilities and gaming applications traditionally supported by the Windows platform. This application offers compatibility with a wide variety of programs.

Peripheral Support

,ExaGear’s compatibility with external devices such as keyboards and mice significantly improves the user experience, especially when using Windows applications initially designed for a desktop environment. You can enjoy enhanced precision and control by connecting these peripherals, mirroring the traditional PC interface. ExaGear MOD APK is particularly advantageous for productivity tasks in applications like Microsoft Office, where keyboard shortcuts and mouse functionality can streamline your workflow.

Additionally, using a mouse and keyboard can offer gamers a more authentic gaming experience, providing the accuracy and responsiveness necessary to excel in strategy and role-playing games such as StarCraft, Diablo 2, and the Heroes of Might and Magic series on your mobile device.

ARM Device Compatibility

ExaGear Pro APK is a specially designed software that caters to the ARM architecture. This specific type of system structure is found prevalently in various contemporary gadgets, specifically mobile devices and Chromebooks.

ExaGear APK

The uniqueness of ExaGear lies in its tailored approach to enhance the user experience on ARM-based electronic devices. Its sophisticated design prioritizes compatibility and ensures seamless operation across different platforms. It helps users take full advantage of their device’s capabilities.


With ExaGear MOD APK, you can access your favorite PC applications and games wherever you are, directly from your mobile device. This portability transforms your Android phone, tablet, or even your Chromebook into a versatile platform for productivity and entertainment. Whether you need to edit documents in Microsoft Office or unwind with classic games, ExaGear Windows Emulator For Android brings the whole PC experience to the palm of your hand without the need to carry around a laptop.

Pros and Cons of ExaGear Windows Emulator APK


  • ExaGear allows users to run many Windows programs on their Android devices, offering greater accessibility to PC software.
  • The emulator provides a smooth and stable performance that aids in efficiently running applications.
  • It enables gaming enthusiasts to play their favorite PC games on their mobile devices without issues.
  • The application is user-friendly, requiring little technical knowledge for installation and usage.
  • With ExaGear, users can maximize their productivity by accessing important business or educational programs from Windows on their smartphones.


  • The primary drawback is its pricing model, which is quite expensive compared to similar applications.
  • Some users have reported difficulties in installing specific Windows software through the emulator.
  • There are complaints about poor customer support from the developers of this application, impacting user experience negatively.
  • Due to the resource-demanding nature of some Windows programs, there could be issues with overheating and battery drain in mobile devices while using the emulator.
  • It only emulates some types of Windows software effectively, thus limiting its usability for some users who need specific applications.

Best Tips to Maximize Usage of ExaGear MOD APK

Here are some tips:

  • Check Compatibility: Before using ExaGear, ensure your device and the Windows software you want to run are compatible with the app.
  • Optimize Performance: Close other apps to free up resources on your device for the best performance with ExaGear.
  • Use External Storage: If your device allows it, install ExaGear Android APK and Windows applications on an SD card to save internal storage.
  • Configure Controls for Games: Customize game controls within ExaGear to suit touchscreens or attach a gamepad for a better gaming experience.
  • Keep System Updated: Keep your Android OS and ExaGear app updated to benefit from the latest performance improvements and features.
  • Manage Expectations: Some complex or resource-intensive Windows applications may not run perfectly, so consider the limitations of your device.
  • Use Peripherals: Connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for a more desktop-like experience, especially when using productivity apps.
  • Monitor Battery Usage: Running Windows applications can drain the battery quickly; use power-saving modes or plug in your device while using ExaGear.
  • Customize for Comfort: Adjust the screen resolution and DPI settings within ExaGear to match your comfort level and device’s screen size.

Why Download ExaGear Windows Emulator Android App?

ExaGear Windows Emulator MOD APK is an efficient solution for those who want to run their favorite Windows applications on handheld devices. Its unique architecture mimics a PC’s performance. It allows users to play games like Diablo 2 and Heroes of Might & Magic III or use popular desktop applications like MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on their mobile devices. The app creates an environment that enables these applications to run smoothly without impacting the performance of your mobile device. Therefore, downloading ExaGear – Windows Emulator App provides the convenience of using Windows applications without requiring a physical computer.


ExaGear Windows Emulator APK is a highly efficient and versatile Windows emulator designed for Android users. It stands out due to its user-friendly interface, high performance rate, and compatibility with numerous Windows applications. With ExaGear MOD APK, the gap between Windows software and Android platforms is bridged, providing a seamless experience for end-users. It has proven invaluable for those requiring access to Windows-specific software on their Android devices. We encourage individuals who need such functionalities to consider using ExaGear as it significantly expands the capabilities of your Android device.


Do I need a Windows license to use ExaGear?

You do not need a separate Windows license to use ExaGear.

What types of applications can I run with ExaGear?

You can run a variety of Windows PC applications, particularly those that are 32-bit. This includes games like StarCraft, Diablo 2, and various applications like Microsoft Office 2010.

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