Happn MOD APK 29.7.0 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

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App Name Happn MOD APK
Size 70 MB
Latest Version v29.7.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked, Latest Version
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Update November 24, 2023
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If you want to meet new people and possibly find love, happn could be the app for you. This location-based dating app connects users with people they’ve met in person. Nevertheless, the free version of happn has restrictions, such as limited likes and messaging options.

Happn is a popular dating application that allows users to connect with people they’ve met in person. It utilises location-based technology to display profiles of other Happn users who were nearby at the same time. This distinctive feature distinguishes Happn from other dating apps and has attracted a large user base.


However, some users may desire more functionality than the Happn basic version provides. Here comes Happn into play. Happn MOD APK is a cool version of an app that has been modified by developers or third-party sites to include features that were not available in the original app.

What is Happn MOD APK Premium Unlocked?

Happn is a mobile dating app that connects individuals who have crossed paths in real life. It became a popular location-based dating application. The android app uses geolocation technology to track the user’s location and displays profiles of other Happn users who have been nearby.

When two Happn users cross paths, their profiles appear on one another’s respective timelines. Then, users can find, like or dislike these profiles of people based on their similar interests. If both users like each other, a match is created and they can begin communicating within the app.

Happn Unlimited Money is unlike traditional dating apps in that it focuses on connecting people who have physically crossed paths, as opposed to matching based solely on preferences or mutual friends. This concept aims to facilitate real-world interactions and increase the likelihood of encountering someone encountered in daily life.

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How does Happn dating app MOD APK work?

To access Happn’s features, you must first download and install the application, and then create a profile. In most cases, this requires linking your Facebook account or providing your email address. Additionally, you will be required to upload images, compose a brief bio, and list your preferences and interests.

Once your profile has been created, Happn uses GPS technology to monitor your location in the background, keeping track of the places you visit and the routes you take.

Based on your location data, Happn APK latest version matches you with other nearby users and displays their profiles in chronological order in your timeline. This line displays the user’s name, profile image, age, and a brief description.

When perusing profiles on your timeline, you have the option to indicate your level of interest or disinterest. If you like a user’s profile, you can either tap the heart icon or swipe right to indicate your approval. If it does not appeal to you, you can reject it by tapping the cross icon or swiping left.

When two individuals express mutual interest in one another’s profile, an instant connection is formed. The app notifies you of the match, and the individual is added to your “Crush” list, allowing you to begin exchanging messages and initiating conversation.

In addition to mutual matches, Happn app provides additional features to facilitate interaction. For instance, you can send a “Charm” to someone you’re interested in, which increases your chances of a match by attracting their attention. You can also send direct messages to individuals who have expressed interest in your profile.

Happn MOD APK download places a high priority on maintaining privacy and ensuring security. The application ensures that other users cannot access your exact location, displaying only approximate locations or places where you’ve had chance encounters.

What are Happn MOD APK’s features?

here are some cool characteristics:

See the people who have liked you?

With Happn APK download, you can view a list of users who have liked your profile on the Happn dating app. This feature provides valuable information regarding users who have expressed interest in you. Instead of randomly browsing profiles and guessing who might be interested, you can now view a curated list of individuals who have already expressed interest in you.

By viewing the list of users who have liked your profile, you can interact with the android app in a more informed manner. You can review their profiles, assess their compatibility with your preferences, and investigate their interests. Before deciding whether or not to reciprocate their interest, you are able to gauge the level of interest and attractiveness they have expressed in you.

This feature assists you in deciding whether to like them back or initiate a conversation. The app allows you to prioritise your interactions with users who have already shown interest in you. By engaging with individuals who are more likely to reciprocate your interest, you can potentially save time and effort and increase the likelihood of forming meaningful connections.

Transparency Mode

The Happn dating app’s invisible mode allows users to explore the app and view profiles without being visible to other users. When the invisible mode is activated, your profile will not be displayed to other Happn users, giving you greater control over your online presence.

Using the invisible mode is advantageous for a variety of reasons. It enables you to take a more discreet approach to online dating, particularly if you prefer to browse and evaluate potential matches without immediately revealing your profile. This can be useful if you wish to investigate the android app and its features prior to interacting with other users.

Additionally, the invisible mode can provide security and tranquilly. By remaining hidden from other users’ searches and timelines, you have the freedom to browse and evaluate profiles at your own pace, without feeling compelled to engage in conversation or make snap decisions.

Advanced Functions

There is typically a daily limit on the number of profiles you can like on the Happn dating app. With  Happn Premium unlocked, this restriction is typically lifted. With a premium subscription, you can therefore freely swipe right and express interest in as many profiles as you desire.

The daily limit on likes is typically implemented in the standard version of the app to ensure a balanced and controlled user experience. It encourages users to be more deliberate and selective in their selections, fostering meaningful connections and decreasing the likelihood of random liking.

By downloading the Happn Dating App MOD APK or a comparable premium membership, you gain access to the unlimited likes feature. This allows you to swipe right on an unlimited number of profiles per day, increasing your chances of expressing interest and connecting with potential matches.

Crush Hours

Crush Time is an engaging feature of the Happn premium app that enables users to play a matching game. With Happn Premium APK, you may gain access to additional plays or bonuses in this game, thereby increasing your chances of successfully matching with other users. Here is a comprehensive explanation of this feature:

Crush Time is intended to add an entertaining and interactive element to the Happn mod version. It displays a list of profiles of users you have encountered in real life. One by one, the profiles are displayed, and you have the opportunity to guess which of the presented users has recently liked your profile.

Download Happn Premium APK

In conclusion, Happn MOD APK is a fantastic app for those who wish to expand their dating options and meet new people. Users who have unlocked its premium features can enjoy an unlimited number of likes, ad-free browsing, and the ability to see who has liked their profile. In addition, the app’s location-based approach distinguishes it from other dating apps on the market, allowing users to connect with people they may have met in person. Overall, give Happn premium MOD APK a try today if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to meet new people.

Don’t delay any longer! The app is free to download. So Download Happn MOD APK file immediately to begin exploring your dating options like never before.


What are Flashnotes in Happn?

Flashnotes are a feature in Happn that allows users to send short and memorable messages to profiles that catch their eye.

What is the principle of reciprocity in Happn?

The principle of reciprocity in Happn states that if you like the profiles that catch your eye, they will like you secretly, and you will be matched only when the other person likes you back.

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