JokesPhone MOD APK v2.3.171123.281 (Unlimited Calls, Premium Unlocked)

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App Name JokesPhone MOD APK
Size 11 MB
Latest Version v2.3.171123.281
MOD Info Unlimited Calls, Premium Unlocked
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Update November 20, 2023
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Are you looking for prank call apps with limitless options and regularly updated functions? JokesPhone Mod APK is your only option. This innovative new app takes prank calling to a whole new level with its extensive selection of humorous storyline and customizable settings.

JokesPhone MOD APK

JokesPhone enables users to select from a wide variety of pre-recorded calls, each of which is intended to elicit laughter and surprise from the recipient. From phoney job interviews to outlandish attempts at flirting, JokesPhone has something for everyone. In addition, users can personalise each call with their own preferences and information, making the experience even more unique and entertaining.

What is the JokesPhone Mod APK?

JokesPhone MOD APK Unlimited Calls is a popular mobile app that allows users to make hilarious prank calls to their friends and family. The app provides an extensive library of prerecorded prank calls made by professional voice actors and comedians. Users can choose the prank they wish to play, enter their victim’s phone number, and then sit back and enjoy the app’s antics.

JokesPhone APK MOD enhances the experience by providing numerous customization options for each prank call. To make the pranks appear more realistic, users can choose an automated prank-call scenarios, such as fake job interviews and pizza delivery orders. In addition, users can choose from a variety of voices for the characters in each free prank call or record their own voice to further customise the experience.

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What are the Top 5 Pranks To Try On Friends And Family Using JokesPhone Mod APK?

Fake Call from a Celebrity: With the JokesPhone app, you can simulate a missed call from any celebrity or famous person. In the app, you can select from a variety of options, such as a fake call from President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, or Beyonce. Your friends and family will be surprised to hear from you after missing an apparent call.

Crazy Greetings Card: The JokesPhone offers a variety of e-cards with absurd and humorous messages that can be sent to friends and family on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Record a message in JokesPhone pretending to be upset with your friend for something they have done wrong. Request a return call so that you can apologise later.

Insane WhatsApp Audio: Another feature of JokesPhone is the ability to send insane audio messages via WhatsApp using frightening sound effects or eerie voices to terrify your friends.

Animal Sound Surprise: You can also record hilarious sound clips anonymously and send them through Jokesphone, with themes such as fart sounds and animal noises, all captured in high quality.

What are the Different Features of JokesPhone?

Unlimited calls

JokesPhone MOD APK v2.3.171123.281 raises the bar for prank calls. You can select from a variety of prerecorded prank calls and send them to your unsuspecting friends and family with just a few taps on your phone. When you subscribe to JokesPhone’s premium service, you can make an unlimited number of free prank calls with no time or usage limits. This feature allows users to play a biggest collection of prank scenarios for an unlimited amount of time without fear of being cut off in the middle of a prank. For an even better experience, this unlocked premium version of Jokesphone unlocks additional features such as call recording, the absence of advertisements, and access to exclusive pranks.

Install JokesPhone for limitless amusement and limitless possibilities for pranksters seeking harmless fun with their loved ones.

No Ads

JokesPhone Pro APK provides its users with an ad-free experience, so there will be no advertisements interrupting your prank-calling fun. Users can quickly access and choose a prank call without having to contend with pop-up or banner advertisements. Moreover, the JokesPhone MOD APK download enables users to create custom calls with personalised information such as names, locations, and other details, making the pranks more convincing.

By upgrading to JokesPhone MOD version, you gain unrestricted access to and control over your prank calls, as well as a completely ad-free interface.

Custom Caller ID

With this feature in place, it is difficult for the recipient or victim to determine the true identity of the caller, thereby increasing the realism of prank calls. This feature allows users to play pranks on their friends and family without being easily discovered.
In addition, the latest version of JokesPhone app provides a variety of voice effects that can be applied in real time during phone calls. Therefore, users can instantly change their voices to sound like an entirely different person without the need for additional software. Depending on the nature of the prank call, the application provides male and female voices with distinct accents and tones.

Overall, JokesPhone is an excellent entertainment app for those who enjoy playing practical jokes on their friends and family. Its features contribute to the believability of prank calls, making them even funnier. The fake calling ID feature allows users to remain anonymous while maintaining an excellent user experience.

New Joke Calls

JokesPhone MOD APK 2023 is committed to providing its users with an entertaining and engaging experience after the app’s installation. To achieve this, the android app regularly adds new prank call options to its library of pranks. By continually adding new content, JokesPhone ensures that there is a vast selection of entertaining and amusing pranks from which to choose. This ongoing update process ensures that users have access to the most recent and inventive prank scenarios, allowing them to continue surprising and amusing their friends and family with new and inventive pranks.

With an ever-growing collection of free prank calls, JokesPhone Free download keeps the prankster spirit alive and guarantees that there is always something new to discover and enjoy.

Calls Internationally

JokesPhone – get free pranks provides international prank calls in multiple languages without spending money, adding a humorous twist to your pranking exploits. JokesPhone has you covered whether you want to prank call a friend studying abroad or have a few laughs with relatives abroad. The application supports multiple countries and languages, making it accessible to users worldwide. Therefore, if you want to expand your pranking horizons and cross international borders, JokesPhone will provide you with all the necessary tools!

Download JokesPhone MOD APK Premium

JokesPhone is an entertaining and great way to prank your friends and family. With its fake caller ID feature and regularly updated library of prank call options, there is always something new to try. The international prank call feature in multiple languages adds a new dimension of excitement to your pranking exploits. Why not download the JokesPhone MOD APK and see how much fun you can have fooling your friends and family?


Is JokesPhone MOD APK a free app?

Yes, JokesPhone is a free prank-calls app worldwide according to its popularity among users and the number of downloads on Google Play Store.

Do I need to login to use JokesPhone?

No, you don't need to login or create an account to use JokesPhone. Simply download the app and start making prank calls right away.

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