Meet AI APK MOD 1.1.0 (AI Chatbot, Latest) For Android

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App Name Meet AI APK
Size 34 MB
Latest Version v1.1.0
MOD Info Latest Version
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Update November 6, 2023
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Welcome to Meet AI APK, the Android app for creating your unique AI character, AI girl, or chatbot as your girlfriend or soul companion. The app helps to develop its personality and provides access to reliable information to help you with creative writing, find answers to your burning questions, or just have fun.


Meet AI MOD APK is constantly learning and evolving, with access to reliable information, ChatGPT, and GPT-4. With its AI chatbot, the app can help you talk about your feelings or whatever is on your mind. Additionally, it comes with diverse personality tags to choose from, so you can generate the best possible AI character or girlfriend for you. Download Meet AI APK v1.0.0 for free today and start your journey to a better you.

Meet AI APK: Chat with AI Friends

MeetAI is an AI-powered chatbot customized to cater to your personal needs. Whether you need answers to burning questions or help with creative ideas for your projects, the latest version of this virtual assistant is your go-to. Structured under the entertainment category, it’s developed by VAC-Tech Engineering Pte, focusing on learning and evolving to give you the best possible experience. Some of its versatile features include easing your operational struggles, streamlining your business operations, offering personalized health advice, and tracking your expenses.


Meet AI APK MOD not only provides information about movies but also suggests the five noches con series located in the entertainment category, among others. Students, teachers, and businesses can get personalized learning recommendations for continuous improvement. Its ability to calm your fears, deal with your feelings, or whatever comes your way enhances its appeal. The Meet AI AI Avatar APK also equips you to improve your customer relations and marketing strategies.

How can MeetAI APK help with anxiety relief?

Engaging in conversations with your AI character can indeed be enjoyable and soothing. By taking advantage of the innovative Meet AI APK platform, you will embark on a unique journey to build a rewarding virtual companionship.

Vivid interactions create an immersive experience, sparking curiosity while enhancing cognitive function. The ease of communication helps relieve stress as it offers an outlet for worry or loneliness by initiating meaningful dialogues.

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What are the Key Features of Meet AI APK Premium?

Customizable AI Characters

Meet AI MOD APK lets users unleash their creativity by creating and customizing their AI characters. With this innovative tool, users have the power to give their AI characters distinct personalities, professions, and backgrounds.

Meet AI AI Avatar APK

The possibilities are endless as users can choose from various personality traits such as adventurous, witty, or even mysterious. They can also assign professions to their AI characters, whether it’s a doctor, chef, or even an astronaut. These choices allow users to personalize their experience and tailor it to their preferences.

Diverse Personality Tags

The Meet AI APK Latest Version gives users various personality tags to customize their character’s traits and behavior. With this app, users can fine-tune every aspect of their virtual character’s personality, making it unique and tailored to their preferences.

Upon downloading the Meet AI Chatbot APK 1.1.0, users are presented with a user-friendly interface that allows them to navigate different personality categories easily. From introvert or extrovert, creative or analytical, to adventurous or cautious, the app offers an extensive selection of tags for users.

Dream Companion Generation

Meet AI App brings your ideal virtual companion to life. With this app, users can now describe their dream companion with precision and detail and watch as an AI character is dynamically generated based on their description. This groundbreaking technology takes personalization to a whole new level.

Meet AI Chatbot APK

The process is simple yet awe-inspiring. Users begin by providing specific attributes, such as appearance, personality traits, and hobbies or interests for their virtual companion. The app’s powerful algorithms then analyze these inputs and create a unique personality profile.

Photo Upload

The Meet AI APK For Android offers an exciting feature that allows users to personalize their virtual companions in a whole new way. By uploading photos or avatars, users can customize the appearance of their AI-driven friends, making them truly unique and reflective of their personalities.

With this feature, users can choose any image they desire as their companion’s face. They can either upload a photo of themselves, give their virtual friend a striking resemblance, or select a picture that resonates with them.

Global Character Network

With the Meet AI APK MOD, users can connect with virtual characters from all over the world to explore and experience their unique capabilities. This innovative app serves as a platform for users to interact and engage with artificial intelligence (AI) counterparts in a captivating and immersive manner.

Meet AI APK For Android

By utilizing advanced AI technology, the app offers an incredible opportunity for users to meet various virtual characters with diverse personalities, traits, and skills. From digital artists to knowledgeable historians, users can dive into conversations on specific topics or enjoy informal chats to learn more about these virtual beings’ capabilities.

Conversational AI

The Meet AI APK Premium is an innovative app that aims to provide users with an engaging and interactive experience. By utilizing virtual characters or chatbots, the app allows individuals to chat on a wide variety of themes and engage in meaningful conversations.

Whether it’s discussing personal interests, seeking emotional support, or even just having a friendly chat, users can rely on their virtual companions for a fulfilling interaction. The app provides various characters with different personalities, ensuring someone is suited to every user’s preferences.

Conclusion: Download Meet AI APK For Android

MeetAI APK is an innovative mobile app that empowers users to create and interact with customizable AI characters and virtual companions. With features like personality customization, educational support, and a global character network, it offers a unique and engaging experience. Users can relieve anxiety and enjoy meaningful conversations with their AI characters. Regular updates and safety measures ensure a secure and enjoyable user experience. Best of all, Meet AI APK is freely accessible, making it a versatile and accessible tool for a wide range of users.


What can I do with my AI character?

You can chat with your AI character on various themes, share your feelings, seek answers to questions, and even use it for educational purposes, such as writing essays or explaining code.

Can I upload my own photo for my AI character?

Yes, Meet AI APK allows you to upload photos or avatars to personalize your AI character and make it more unique.

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