Monthly Entertainment MOD APK 1.0.264 (Unlimited Money) Android

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App Name Monthly Entertainment MOD APK
Size 105 MB
Latest Version v1.0.264
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update November 23, 2023
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Monthly Entertainment MOD APK is an Android game which users can download and become an entertainment mogul. It is a simulation game where you can become an entertainment tycoon and attempt to make your entertainment company by auditioning talented music geniuses, earning money, and gaining fans! The MOD version 1.0.264 has been released and offers unlimited money so players can produce albums, and trainees, audition for TV programs and create a global group! Communicate with the fans, listen to requests, and more.

Monthly Entertainment MOD APK

Monthly Entertainment by 608factory is one of the most popular K-Pop idol games out there, as it gives you a chance to experience the entertainment business first-hand. Download Monthly Entertainment MOD APK today and join millions of users living their dreams of becoming famous K-Pop idols!

What is the Gameplay of Monthly Entertainment MOD APK?

In Monthly Entertainment MOD APK for Android, players assume the role of a budding entertainment tycoon responsible for steering an entertainment company to stardom in the music industry. This pixel art simulation game offers a multi-faceted experience encompassing talent discovery, skilful training, and strategic management. Starting small, players scout for promising musical talents, considering attributes like appearance, health, and ethics. These talented trainees are then meticulously developed through training regimens encompassing vocal coaching, dance routines, and stage presence, transforming them into polished performers.

The game’s core revolves around crafting sensational performances and creating hit albums that cater to your idol’s distinct musical styles. Concerts and international tours become key avenues to gather fans, revenue, and fame. Engaging with fans through social media interactions and fan events deepens the connection and adds a realistic touch. Balancing artistic direction with business acumen, players tackle contract negotiations, internal conflicts, and industry challenges, all while nurturing multiple talents to expand their successful entertainment company.

How do I expand my entertainment company in Monthly Entertainment APK for Android?

To expand your entertainment company, you will have the opportunity to recruit and train new talents through nationwide casting and auditions. This process will ensure that you can grow your roster of idols, which will significantly increase your company’s influence and revenue potential. However, finding a balance between nurturing the existing talents within your company and discovering new talent for long-term success is essential.

Monthly Entertainment MOD APK Unlimited Money

Through Monthly Entertainment MOD APK Unlimited Money, you can strategically invest in various aspects of talent development. This allows you to provide the necessary resources, training programs, and promotional activities for your idols’ success. By utilizing this feature, you can ensure that each artist receives the support they need while keeping up with the growing demands of the entertainment industry.

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What are the Key Features of Monthly Entertainment MOD APK Unlimited Money?

Entertainment Empire Building

With Monthly Entertainment MOD APK 1.0.264, you can dive into the music world and create your star empire. Whether you’re an aspiring talent scout or a fanatic of the music business, this game allows you to start from scratch and build an empire that rivals the top record labels.

Every decision is in your hands, from scouting undiscovered talents to nurturing their skills and guiding them towards success. You can invest unlimited money in state-of-the-art training facilities and cutting-edge equipment. Develop personalized strategies for each artist, whether pop, hip-hop, or rock – there are no limits to what genres you can explore.

Talent Discovery and Training

The Monthly Entertainment MOD APK Latest Version allows you to discover and nurture musical geniuses from a talented pool of trainees. By carefully considering attributes such as appearance, talent, health, and ethics, we aim to identify individuals with the utmost potential. Once selected, these trainees undergo rigorous training to develop their vocal abilities, dance routines, and stage presence.

Monthly Entertainment APK MOD

Our program ensures that every aspect of their performance is honed to perfection. Vocal coaching helps them enhance their range, control, and technique, while dance classes enable them to master intricate routines. We also focus on building their stage presence through acting lessons and confidence-building exercises.

Album Production

The Monthly Entertainment MOD APK Unlocked Everything offers an exciting opportunity to collaborate with your favourite music stars and create hit albums that resonate with fans. This innovative feature allows users to curate a selection of songs that perfectly match these talented artists’ unique abilities and styles.

By carefully choosing songs that highlight their strengths and showcase their individuality, you can ensure that each album accurately represents their artistry. Moreover, the ability to design custom album artwork adds another layer of personalization, capturing the artist’s distinctive style and creating a visual identity for their music.

Fan Interaction

Monthly Entertainment APK MOD is an outstanding game that allows entertainment tycoons like yourself to connect directly with fans in a whole new way. With this innovative game, you can engage with fans through various interactive platforms such as social media interactions, fan meetings, and special events.

One of the critical features of the game is the ability to listen and respond to fan requests. This allows you to strengthen the bond between idols and their supporters by acknowledging their preferences and desires. Whether implementing new content or organizing exclusive events based on fan feedback, Monthly Entertainment APK ensures that your decisions correspond with what your fans genuinely want.

Realistic Industry Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, companies face a myriad of challenges posed by fierce competitors and rapidly changing industry dynamics. The success and reputation of your company hinges on its ability to effectively handle scandals, competition, and crises.

Download Monthly Entertainment APK

Competitors within the entertainment sector constantly strive to outperform one another, seeking to capture market share and attract a more extensive customer base. As a company operating in this competitive arena, you must remain vigilant and continuously adapt your business strategies to stay ahead.

Download Monthly Entertainment MOD APK (Unlocked Everything)

Download Monthly Entertainment APK to immerse yourself in an entertainment company executive role, where you’ll nurture talents and craft an empire. As you scout and train hidden musical gems, you’ll witness their transformation into dazzling music stars. Plan awe-inspiring live performances and world tours that captivate audiences worldwide while engaging with fans through social interactions and special events that deepen the connection between idols and their supporters.

Navigate industry challenges and showcase your strategic prowess as you balance business decisions with the creative growth of your music stars. The game’s unique pixel art design adds charm, and the ability to expand your roster and guide your idols to stardom ensures a dynamic and personalized experience that captures the essence of the entertainment industry.


Monthly Entertainment is not just a game but an open door to making your wildest dreams come true in music and entertainment. This simulation, featuring pixel art, and idol management, enables you to take control of the destinies of music stars, arrange unforgettable concerts, and guide your company towards gaining international recognition. Armed with creativity, strategic thinking, and the power to captivate audiences, you will embark on an extraordinary voyage towards achieving stardom in the music industry. Are you prepared to make a significant impact on the world? Download Monthly Entertainment now and step into the spotlight today!


Is Monthly Entertainment MOD APK free to play?

Yes, Monthly Entertainment APK MOD is free to play.

Is Monthly Entertainment safe to Download and Use?

Yes, Monthly Entertainment is safe to Download and Use

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