mSpy MOD APK v2.01.54.08 (Premium Unlocked) Android 2024

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App Name MSpy MOD APK
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Latest Version v2.01.54.08
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Update January 8, 2024
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The mSpy MOD APK is the ultimate phone monitoring tool and tracker for parents seeking control. With this remote phone tracking software, you can quickly and easily get a wealth of information about any device and its user without them ever knowing.

mSpy APK MOD is an advanced tracking app that lets you track every single action and activity on any mobile device. Whether you’re a parent wanting to monitor your child’s phone activities, a teacher tracking students, or an employer keeping tabs on workers, this app can do it all. It logs conversations, calls, texts, social media chats, pictures shared, locations at any given time, and even older locations.


Moreover, with the mSpy app, you can set up virtual boundaries and receive notifications when the target device moves in or out of them. This feature is handy for parents concerned about cyberbullying, as it allows users to monitor their child’s activities on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. The dashboard feature provides:

  • A quick overview of the target device’s activities.
  • Making it easy to keep tabs on your child’s movements.
  • Conversations.
  • Social media activities in real-time.

Furthermore, the app’s latest version (v2.01.54.08) offers free downloading for Android and iOS devices.

What is the Use of mSpy MOD APK?

The rise of technology in today’s world has made parents more concerned about their children’s safety than ever. With the help of mSpy Premium MOD APK 2024, parents can protect their children from potential risks and set virtual boundaries for them. mSpy MOD APK Premium Unlocked lets you track calls, text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, GPS location, browsing history, and social media monitoring of the device made on the target device.

mSpy Apk

This monitoring tool gives parents a detailed insight into the activities made on the device. It gives them access to the exact location of the target device, incoming and outgoing SMS, incoming and outgoing calls, and even notifications when your child sends or receives a text message. This application lets parents map and receive notifications when their child enters or leaves specific areas. Furthermore, parents can even set boundaries for their children so they don’t exceed the specified location. mSpy APK Download is a powerful tool designed to help parents ensure their child’s safety while they are away. With its numerous features, parents can receive detailed information about the device and even monitor their child’s activities on social media.

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Track Calls and Text Messages by using the mSpy App

One of the most effective ways to monitor calls and text messages on someone’s phone is by using the mSpy MOD Version. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this app offers a seamless experience tracking communications on Android and iOS devices. By installing the mSpy APK WhatsApp on the target device, you can access all incoming and outgoing calls and text messages sent or received.

mSpy MOD APK Premium

The mSpy allows you to view call logs and will enable you to record phone conversations discreetly. This feature can be handy if you suspect your spouse or child is communicating with someone they shouldn’t be. Moreover, with the ability to track text messages, you can easily monitor suspicious or inappropriate conversations. While respecting privacy boundaries is essential, having access to this information can provide peace of mind in certain situations.

What are the Premium Features of mSpy APK MOD?

Call Monitoring

With the

, users can access call logs and all the associated details of incoming and outgoing calls. This powerful tool offers a comprehensive view of communication activities, allowing users to monitor and track all phone conversations effortlessly.

By using the mSpy MOD APK, users can see the date, time, and duration of each call and the contact information for both parties involved. This detailed information provides a complete picture of someone’s calling patterns and habits.

Text Message Tracking

mSpy App is an effective tool for gaining deeper insights into communication patterns and identifying potential risks. By monitoring both sent and received text messages, valuable information can be obtained regarding the nature of conversations, frequency of communication, and any suspicious or harmful exchanges.

GPS Tracking

mSpy APK Premium is a fantastic monitoring app that allows parents to protect their children and ensure their safety. It enables you to view real-time tracking of the device’s location and the location history to ensure your child’s whereabouts and safety. With mSpy APK For Android and IOS, you can be sure your child is safe and secure and have peace of mind knowing that you can easily track them wherever they go. Protect your child with the mSpy MOD APK – the best way to ensure safety and accountability!

mSpy APK Download

Internet Usage Monitoring

Accessing browsing history, URLs, and online activities is crucial to ensure responsible internet usage and maintain optimum safety. mSpy Free provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and tracking online activities on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. With mSpy APK Latest Version, parents can gain insights into their child’s internet behavior and take necessary steps to protect them from potential risks such as cyberbullying, inappropriate content, or online predators.


Download mSpy APK for advanced monitoring capabilities. This software records every keystroke the user makes, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of their digital activities. By analyzing the recorded keystrokes, one can uncover login credentials for various applications that the user engages with.

Remote Screenshots and Video Recording

With the mSpy MOD APK (Premium Unlocked), users can remotely capture screenshots and record videos to monitor device activity visually. This powerful tool lets individuals stay informed about their devices used when not physically present. Through this cutting-edge technology, users can gain invaluable insights into what apps are being opened, messages exchanged, and websites visited on the target device.

Other Important Features

App Blocking: Control which apps can be accessed on the device, promoting a safe and productive digital environment, especially for children.

Geofencing: Set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the device enters or exits specific areas, enhancing safety measures.

Download mSpy APK

Multimedia Access: View the device’s photos, videos, and other multimedia files to ensure appropriate content consumption.

Email Monitoring: Access incoming and outgoing emails for employee monitoring and ensuring adherence to company policies.

Hidden Camera App: Secretly record device activities and conversations without the user’s knowledge.

Safe Identity: Ensure discreet monitoring without leaving traces of monitoring activities on the device.

Compatibility and Device Monitoring: Monitor multiple devices from a single dashboard, allowing for versatile monitoring across family members or employees.

Download mSpy App For Android.

In conclusion, mSpy MOD APK is a powerful and versatile tool for monitoring and tracking mobile devices. With its extensive range of features and easy-to-use interface, it provides users with the ability to monitor calls, messages, social media activity, and more. Whether you are a concerned parent wanting to ensure your child’s safety or an employer looking to enhance productivity in the workplace, Download mSpy MOD APK for a comprehensive solution.


What devices can I monitor with mSpy APK?

mSpy is compatible with various devices, including smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android operating systems.

Is mSpy Premium MOD APK safe to use?

Yes, mSpy MOD APK is 100% safe.

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