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App Name Penly MOD APK
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Latest Version v1.21.10
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Update February 19, 2024
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Penly MOD APK is a comprehensive digital planner that integrates note-taking, journaling, and planning features seamlessly on-screen, allowing users to take notes and plan their schedules conveniently. The application supports smooth handwriting using a Bluetooth stylus, allowing users to write naturally like they would on a traditional notebook. One of its standout features is the ability to convert handwriting into text, a massive step toward making digital note-taking more accessible and efficient.


The customization options in Penly MOD APK are comprehensive, offering various pen styles, thicknesses, and a colour wheel to customize your pen and highlighter colours. The application also includes a digital planner with hyperlinked monthly, weekly, and daily pages. Users can easily import PDF files, create hyperlinks, and manage their documents through folders. The app also supports sticker functionality, enabling users to add a personalized touch to their digital planners. Penly allows for document management across devices, including syncing with Google Drive. With all these features packed into a user-friendly interface, Penly is undeniably an excellent tool for enhancing productivity in the digital space.

Penly MOD APK – Digital Planner & Notes

Penly is a feature-rich app that revolutionizes digital planning and note-taking. With Penly APK, users can enjoy the full range of functionalities. The app seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, ensuring users can access their files anytime, anywhere.

Penly offers various templates to suit every need, making creating visually appealing and reusable planners and notepads easier. Using a Bluetooth stylus, users can experience smooth handwriting and easily resize objects. The eraser tool allows for quick corrections.

Penly APK

Importing PDF files is a breeze, while the handwriting-to-text feature ensures that users can easily convert handwritten notes into editable text. The app also includes interactive elements like checkboxes for effective task management. With the ability to create folders and subfolders, Penly has covered you for organized document management. The stickers panel and sticker collections add fun and creativity to your digital planner.

Can I customize the appearance of my digital planner in Penly APK MOD?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of your digital planner in Penly. The app provides options for customization to make your planner unique and personalized. You can choose from different colours, templates, and styles to customize the look and feel of your digital planner. Whether you prefer a blush colour scheme with rainbow templates or a minimal black style, you can create a planner that suits your preferences.

Penly Digital Planner APK Premium

Additionally, Penly Premium APK offers both landscape and portrait planners, giving you the freedom to choose the orientation that works best for you. With these customization options, you can create a digital planner perfect for organizing and reflecting your style.

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What are the Amazing Features of Penly MOD APK?

Digital planning, journaling, and note-taking

Penly simplifies digital planning, journaling, and note-taking. It is designed for anyone who values organization and time management in their daily life.

For those wanting to step up their organization game even further, Penly PK opens access to additional features. With the premium version, you benefit from enhanced tools to manage your tasks efficiently and effectively.

Smooth handwriting

With Penly Digital Planner APK Premium, you can enhance your digital writing experience by utilizing cutting-edge Bluetooth stylus devices such as the S Pen or the Xiaomi Smart Pen. These innovative tools offer a seamless and fluid handwriting experience, allowing you to effortlessly jot down notes, sketch drawings, or even create stunning digital artwork. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply a creative soul, these Bluetooth stylus options in Penly will elevate your penmanship to a whole new level, making your digital writing feel like an extension of your hand.

Customization options

With Penly MOD APK Latest Version, you are given the liberty not just to select the colour of your pen but also its thickness and style. This application offers a wide range of customization options designed specifically for your unique needs in creativity and writing.

Penly Premium APK

The application allows you to choose among ordinary pens, fountain pens, or brush styles according to the nature of your task. These types cater to different writing methods and provide distinct aesthetics.

Highlight and underline

Penly APK MOD harnesses the power of the snap straight highlighter pen to highlight and underline important text effortlessly. This app enhances your reading and note-taking experience with its innovative design and user-friendly interface. Whether you are a student studying for an exam or a professional preparing a presentation, Penly is the ultimate companion for highlighting and emphasizing crucial information. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for physical highlighters and welcome the convenience of digital highlighting with Penly. Take advantage of this game-changing app that will revolutionize your interaction with text!

Colour wheel

Penly MOD APK offers an innovative solution for colour selection among tools like pens, highlighters, and text. One of its unique features is a comprehensive colour wheel that provides a wide variety of colours from which to choose. This feature empowers you with an array of vibrant hues at your disposal.


If you annotate essential points in a document using the highlighter or jotting down notes with the pen function, Penly lets you infuse creativity and differentiation into your work. By offering a vast palette of colours, Penly ensures that users will always have options.

Import PDF files & planners

With Penly APK Download, you can effortlessly import PDF files into the system. Once imported, you can seamlessly navigate through the PDFs, taking full advantage of the existing hyperlinks within the documents. This feature allows for a smooth and efficient browsing experience, ensuring you can easily access the information you need with just a few clicks.

Whether you are working on a research project, studying for an exam, or simply looking to explore the content of a PDF file, Penly has got you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of scrolling through lengthy documents and say hello to a streamlined and interactive way of navigating your PDF files.

Handwriting to text conversion

The Penly provides a unique solution for all your note-taking needs. With its state-of-the-art technology, it effortlessly converts your handwritten notes into digital text.

Jot down your thoughts, lesson points, or meeting insights on any paper. Afterwards, use the Penly APK Premium to capture and convert these manual scrawlings instantly.

Create hyperlinks

With Penly Premium APK, you can transform any object into a dynamic hyperlink. This software offers an innovative feature that lets you create links for texts and objects, allowing them to function as portals to other pages or websites.

Penly APK Premium

No matter the object, all it takes is a simple touch. Once your chosen item is linked, users can easily tap on it and immediately be directed to the assigned page or site.

Stickers functionality

With Penly MOD APK Latest Version, you can effortlessly import a vast array of stickers to enhance your creative endeavors. The stickers panel is your ultimate organizational tool, allowing you to neatly arrange and categorize your stickers for easy access. Once organized, the power is in your hands to seamlessly incorporate these delightful stickers into any document, bringing a touch of charm and personality to your work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Penly: Digital Planner & Notes APK


  • Penly allows you to digitally plan, journal, and take notes, providing a convenient all-in-one solution for organizing your tasks and thoughts.
  • With support for Bluetooth stylus pens like S Pen or Xiaomi Smart Pen, Penly offers a smooth and accurate handwriting experience, making it feel more natural and intuitive.
  • Penly provides a range of customization options, including pen colours, thickness, styles, and the ability to import custom fonts. This lets you personalize your digital planner and notes to suit your preferences.
  • The handwriting-to-text feature automatically converts your handwritten notes into editable text, saving you time and effort in transcribing your written content.
  • You can create hyperlinks within your documents, allowing you to easily navigate between pages or link to external websites or resources.
  • Penly offers a sticker feature that allows you to import and add stickers to your documents, enhancing creativity and visual appeal.


  • Penly is only available for Android devices, which may restrict its usage for users who prefer iOS or other operating systems.
  • While Penly supports exporting files as PDFs, there may be limitations when exporting large PDF files. It’s advisable to be aware of this potential limitation if you need to ship large documents.
  • Although Penly offers syncing between Android devices through Google Drive, it does not provide cross-platform syncing, which means you may need help to sync your documents across different operating systems or devices.
  • As mentioned earlier, Penly is currently unavailable for iOS devices, so iOS users will not be able to access and utilize the app’s features.
  • Penly does not mention integration with popular productivity platforms or services like Google Calendar or Evernote, which could limit seamless integration with existing workflows.

Why Download Penly MOD APK?

If you’re constantly trying to keep track of meetings, assignments or your daily tasks, consider downloading this app. Penly APK Premium offers an intuitive interface where you can quickly jot down notes and schedule appointments all in one place. You can sync it across your devices, ensuring your plans and notes are always within reach. Its user-friendly design and customizable features make it an effective tool for productivity. With the convenience of digital notes and the traditional feeling of handwriting, Penly offers the best of both worlds. Save time, stay organized and improve your productivity with Penly.


Penly: Digital Planner & Notes is an essential tool for improving productivity and organization. It simplifies planning daily tasks, capturing ideas, and keeping all your notes in one easily accessible space. Its user-friendly interface and rich features make it a must-have for students and professionals alike. Seamlessly integrating with various digital platforms sets it apart from traditional planners. Don’t wait; download Penly MOD APK today and experience a new efficiency level in your daily routine!


Does Penly support syncing between devices?

Yes, Penly allows you to sync your documents between Android devices. You can link Google Drive to enable syncing.

Does Penly have a feature to organize and manage documents?

Yes, Penly provides features to help you organize and manage your documents. You can create folders and subfolders, duplicate, move, rename, and delete files as needed.

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