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App Name Pika Charging Show MOD APK
Size 108 MB
Latest Version v1.6.3
MOD Info Vip unlocked, Ads Free
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Update November 20, 2023
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Are you tired of your phone battery dying in the middle of the day? Well, fear not! The Pika Charging show MOD APK v1.6.3 is here to save the day. This innovative app offers a unique charging experience that will entertain and charge your phone simultaneously.

The interface of the Pika Charging Show Pro APK is adorable and vibrant, bringing joy to anyone who uses it. Once activated, your phone will begin charging while displaying amusing animations and sound effects that will make you smile. Say goodbye to tedious charging screens and hello to an innovative new way to charge your devices.

Pika Charging Show MOD APK

In addition to the standard charging animations, Pika Charging Show permits customization. You can personalize your wallpaper and select from a variety of animated charging templatess to suit your preferences. The app also provides free access to newly unlocked animations.

What is Pika Charging Show MOD APK VIP Unlocked?

Pika! Charging Show is a mobile application that provides a variety of phone-charging animations. It intends to make charging more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable. The app offers a variety of carefully crafted and fluid animated charging templates, ensuring that the screen of your device never drops frames during the charging procedure.

Pika Charging Show’s automatic activation of charging animations is a notable feature. Once you connect your phone to a charging cable, the app will automatically activate and display the charging animation on your screen. This convenience adds a stylish touch to your charging process.

The app includes features in addition to animated charging templates. It provides a charging capacity test to evaluate your device’s charging capabilities. You can also view the start and end times of charging, the amount of charge at the beginning and end, and the charging speed.

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How to make personalized charging animations in Pika Charging Show APK?

Are you exhausted of the same old phone charging animations? Look no further than the Pika! Mod APK for charging display. This application allows you to customize your device’s charging animation with a variety of amusing and whimsical options.

Download the Pika Charging show APK MOD from a reliable source and install it on your device to get started. Once installed, launch the app and select “Customize” to view all available animated charging templates customization options.

You can then choose from animated characters such as Pikachu and Totoro, or abstract designs such as swirling galaxies and colorful rainbows. You can also modify the animation’s speed and color scheme to make it truly unique. With Pika! show Charging ,your phone’s screen will never again be boring.

What are the Unique features of Pika Charging Show MOD APK for Android?

Exclusive Charging Animations

Pika Charging Show Pro APK (Unlocked) allows access to premium features that provide additional options and benefits. One of these benefits is access to a larger selection of charging wallpaper unavailable to free users. By downloading the Pika charging show (Latest version), android users gain access to an expanded selection of animations, allowing them to further customize their charging experience.

Having a greater variety of charging animations enables users to choose from a variety of distinctive and captivating designs. These new animations may feature unique themes, styles, or visual effects not found in the app’s free version. This exclusivity enables users to distinguish themselves and personalize their charging screen with distinct and individualized animations.

Charging Power Test

One of the most notable features of the app is its capacity to test your device’s charging capacity. This feature is intended to provide users with insightful information regarding the charging capabilities and performance of their mobile devices.

By utilizing the charging power test feature, users can gain a better understanding of the charging efficiency of their device and determine if it meets their expectations. This is especially useful when diagnosing charging-related issues or optimizing the charging procedure for improved performance.

The charging capacity test measures the charging rate of the battery during the charging process. It takes into account factors such as the battery’s charging speed, voltage, and current. The application informs users about the charging speed and allows them to evaluate how quickly their phone is charging.

Ad-Free Enjoyment

By removing advertisements, users can immerse themselves in the app’s interface without interruptions. This is especially advantageous when using animated charging templates, as it ensures a seamless and uninterrupted visual experience. Without interruptions from promotional content, users can appreciate the supple and refined animations.

Ad-free usage contributes to a more streamlined and concentrated app experience. Users are able to navigate through the features, settings, and customization options without being redirected or interrupted by advertisements. This creates a more cohesive and immersive user experience, allowing users to maximize the app’s features.

Charging Status

The APK provides a convenient function that allows users to view various charging-related details. This functionality provides valuable information regarding the charging procedure, allowing users to monitor and track crucial metrics.

One of the key details that can be accessed is the charging times. By knowing when the charging process began and ended, users can determine how long it took to fully or partially charge their device by charger. This information can be used to plan and manage their device usage, ensuring that it is always available when required.

Enhanced Personalization Options

The Vip Unlocked app also offers users a variety of customization options beyond those available in the free version. These premium features give users greater control over the visual aspects of their charging experience, enabling them to create a more unique and customized environment.

The ability to choose from a greater variety of wallpapers is one of the customization options available in the premium version. Users can select from a larger selection of high-quality wallpapers or upload their own images to be used as the charging procedure’ background. This level of customization enables users to set a wallpaper that reflects their personal style, interests, or preferences, thereby enhancing the visual appeal and personalization of the charging experience.

Future Updates

The app is committed to continuously enhancing and evolving its offerings in order to provide users with a superior charging experience. In future updates, the Premium Unlocked app will introduce innovative new features designed to enhance the overall charging experience and provide users with more customization options.

Download Pika Charging Show MOD APK Latest Version

Pika Charging show MOD APK is an excellent app that provides a fun and interactive method to make your phone charging. With its adorable and vibrant user interface, it is suitable for all ages. The app also provides a selection of charging animations, making charging more enjoyable than ever before. In addition, the battery saver feature makes it even more useful. Then why are you still waiting? Download Pika Charging show MOD APK premium today and enjoy a charging experience devoid of stress!


Do I need to open the app manually every time I charge my phone?

No, you don't need to open the app manually every time you charge your phone. The application will start automatically when you plug in your phone's charging cable.

What is the last charging time feature in Pika Charging Show MOD APK?

The last charging time feature in Pika Charging Show displays the time duration for which your phone was charged in the previous charging cycle.

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