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Remodel AI

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App Name Remodel AI MOD APK
Size 51 MB
Latest Version v0.3.5+20231022T211804.fe9faf0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update November 6, 2023
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Remodel AI MOD APK is an advanced mobile app providing users with the tools to experiment and implement their interior design ideas. This App, essentially a premium unlocked version of Remodel AI, allows access to many features tailored to home design, room styling, and space optimization. With this App, users can virtually modify or adjust every wall, floor, or color scheme, bringing their design dreams alive from each corner of their homes. It offers a distinctive opportunity to unlock multiple options from an extensive selection of styles, ranging from the ultra-modern to the classically chic.

Remodel AI MOD APK

Users can experience and experiment with different designs, color combinations, and wall or floor textures before implementing them in real life, providing an immersive and interactive design experience. Remodel AI Pro APK serves as a bridge between the user and their perfect home, transforming design concepts into tangible realities in the virtual sphere first.

Remodel AI MOD APK – Home Design Dreams Comes True

Remodel AI harnesses the full potential of artificial intelligence for home remodeling. With this innovative platform, you can easily visualize and design your dream home. This offers an intuitive and seamless design process to change your home’s interior design, exterior, and architectural styles. With a tap of a button, you can imagine being able to dive into the future of home remodeling.

Remodel AI Pro APK

Remodel AI lets you explore creativity with various design styles, materials, and real-time visual transformations. This provides an instant visual of your home’s appearance with a new paint color, hardwood floors, brick accent wall, garden, layout, or minimalistic design. This Android application allows you to explore the possibilities and elevate your renovation aspirations. Remodel AI will enable users to easily update their living room, kitchen, or any other space they want to see transformed. The possibilities are galore! With Remodel AI MOD APK, you can experience the power of a designer and bring your design dreams to life.

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What are the Key Features of Remodel AI App Premium Unlocked?

Photo-Based Design

With the Remodel AI APK, transforming your living space has never been easier. By simply uploading photos of your home, this innovative App brings your vision to life by utilizing them as a canvas to create a stunning virtual representation of your space. Whether considering a bathroom renovation, kitchen makeover, or home remodel, this powerful tool provides limitless possibilities.

Remodel AI APK

The App utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to accurately detect and analyze key elements in your photos, such as furniture, walls, and windows. This information is then used to generate highly detailed 3D models that allow you to envision different design ideas and layouts seamlessly.

Interior Design Styles

Remodel AI MOD APK Premium Unlocked allows you to explore and experiment with various interior design styles. With a wide range of options, you can delve into popular styles like modern, traditional, Scandinavian, industrial, and many more. Whether looking for a sleek, minimalist look or a timeless and classic ambiance, this Android app offers endless possibilities.

The modern style embodies clean lines, minimalist furniture, and ample storage space. It focuses on simplicity and functionality while incorporating bold colors and geometric patterns.

Interior Design Components

Remodel AI Pro APK allows you to explore various architectural styles for your home. With just a few taps, you can visualize your living spaces transformed into stunning contemporary, colonial, Mediterranean, and more designs. The App extends its capabilities beyond architecture and lets you experiment with different flooring materials like hardwood, tile, carpet, and laminate. You can change the flooring design instantly and see how it enhances the overall ambiance of each room.

Remodel AI APK MOD

Remodel AI MOD APK allows you to play with paint colors, wallpapers, and textures. Discover which hues complement your furniture best or bring vibrancy to a dull space by swiping through various paint colors.

Budget Estimation

Remodel AI APK MOD provides comprehensive cost estimates tailored to your remodeling project requirements. By inputting critical details about your project, such as the remodel, the size of the area being renovated, and any customizations or additional features desired, the Android app can generate accurate estimates for materials and labor costs.

Realistic 3D Visualizations

The App offers an incredible feature that allows you to view your remodeled space in stunning and immersive 3D renderings. With this cutting-edge technology, you can get a true sense of the design before any physical changes are made. Gone are the days of relying solely on imagination or simple blueprints.

This innovative App utilizes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to transform your ideas into a realistic visual representation. Remodel AI MOD APK can generate accurate and detailed renderings within seconds by simply inputting your desired changes and preferences. This ensures that every aspect of the renovation is carefully considered and previewed with striking accuracy.

Save and Compare Designs

Remodel AI Pro APK offers a convenient solution for effortlessly saving and comparing multiple design concepts. This advanced tool lets you capture and store different design ideas in one place, giving you a comprehensive view of your options. Whether remodeling a room or planning a complete home makeover, Remodel AI is your virtual design assistant.

Remodel AI - AI Home Design MOD APK

The user-friendly interface allows you to easily navigate various design concepts, providing a side-by-side comparison feature that simplifies decision-making. By visually evaluating each image simultaneously, you can precisely assess every design option’s unique features and characteristics. This functionality ensures that you make informed decisions tailored to your specific preferences.

Why Download Remodel AI MOD APK (Latest Version)?

Remodel AI is the transformative Android app you need for your home renovation dreams. This innovative tool allows you to explore countless interior and architectural styles, flooring, wall options, and furniture layouts—all before you make a single physical change. With 3D visualizations and budget estimation, you can confidently plan your remodel. Collaboration tools and VR integration make sharing and experiencing your design with others a breeze. This user-friendly App saves time and reduces costly mistakes, offering inspiration, guidance, and security. Download Remodel AI MOD APK Premium Unlocked today and watch your vision come to life.


In conclusion, Remodel AI – AI Home Design MOD APK is a game-changing app that revolutionizes how we design and remodel our homes. Its advanced artificial intelligence technology allows users to visualize and experiment with different layouts, furniture options, and color schemes. The App’s user-friendly interface and realistic 3D renderings make the design seamless and enjoyable. Whether you want to renovate a single room or plan an entire home makeover, Remodel AI provides a comprehensive toolset to bring your vision to life.


Can I estimate the cost of my remodel using Remodel AI MOD APK?

Yes, the app provides budget estimation tools, giving you insights into the potential costs associated with your design choices, including materials and labor.

Does Remodel AI support virtual reality (VR) for a more immersive experience?

Yes, you can use VR integration to experience your design in a more immersive and interactive way.

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