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Touch The Notch

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App Name Touch The Notch MOD APK
Size 2 MB
Latest Version v1.5.3
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update March 23, 2024
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Touch The Notch MOD APK is a unique and innovative tool that turns the often ignored area around the front camera cutout into a wellspring of utility. This app breathes new life into the camera hole, allowing users to install a shortcut button at the heart of their Android device screen. Many actions are set into motion with a simple swipe, press, or long press, transforming the device into an intuitive, user-friendly hub of convenience.

Touch The Notch MOD APK

Download Touch The Notch MOD APK and discover the premium unlocked features, including a quick flashlight toggle, a power button menu, and even the ability to capture screenshots quickly. This app is an essential addition to any Android device, opening the door to a world of adaptable functions and operations, all convenient and accessible with a single tap, double tap, or swipe on the camera hole.

How to use Touch The Notch MOD APK?

Embark on an enlightening journey to grasp the Touch the Notch Pro APK interface fully. Immerse in the unique experience of configuring the modes and tools, exploring the fascinating world of advanced settings. Let’s delve further into managing media controls without using traditional means, instead opting for the invisible button around the punch-hole screen, enabling a seamless task performance. Every mode is optimized for convenience, from helpful notification management to brightness control. Get a deeper understanding of the Android accessibility service API, and browse your favorite website or collect QR codes with the QR scanner. This guide will bring you closer to mastering Touch The Notch’s latest version.

Understanding the interface of Touch The Notch Pro APK

Unveiling a vista of unparalleled functionality, the Touch The Notch MOD APK Premium Unlocked is like a genie that springs into action with a simple click. Its interface, a seamless blend of minimalist design and optimal utility, makes it an indispensable MOD Version. Upon successful installation, the formerly futile area surrounding the notch morphs into a powerhouse of features.

One can easily use Touch The Notch APK MOD to control media, trigger specific tasks, and manage various modes and tools. Just imagine: while listening to music, a single touch could pause the track, the second could play the next, and swiping could adjust the volume – all automatically! The accessibility overlay, once granted permission, can also be used to execute tasks without meddling with the antivirus system.

Configuring the Modes and Tools in Touch The Notch MOD APK

Transitioning into the heart of the matter, let’s delve into the configuration of modes and gadgetry within the interface. This ingenious software takes the previously useless space around the lens cut-out into a productivity powerhouse. One can select an automatic orientation or a Do Not Disturb setting in the mode settings according to their preference.

Touch the Notch Premium APK

In the gadgetry section, the ability to read QR codes and trigger automated processes is bestowed upon the user. There’s even an option to go to a frequently visited website directly. Interestingly, the software can also manage media controls, allowing the initiation, cessation, or alteration of playing music right from the lens cut-out.

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Managing Media controls through the Touch The Notch App

By utilizing the Touch The Notch Pro APK 1.5.3, users can effortlessly manage media controls with the ease of a conductor’s baton. Imagine being able to silence or resume symphonic melodies emanating from your handset by simply tapping near the lens without the hassle of searching for elusive controls on the interface. Additionally, skipping to the next track or replaying the previous one is as simple as flicking your finger on the designated area. This sleek yet functional interface transforms the passive act of listening to audio tracks into an interactive journey of discovery, making it an engaging activity rather than a mundane task.

What are the Useful Features of Touch The Notch MOD APK Premium Unlocked?

Customizable Actions

Touch The Notch MOD APK Premium Unlocked enhances the functionality of your smartphone’s camera hole area. With this app, you can assign different actions to various touch gestures and swipes on both sides of the camera cutout. Whether it’s a single touch, long touch, double touch, or swiping motion, you can customize each with independent functions.

Touch The Notch APK MOD provides you with enhanced control over your device, allowing you to maximize efficiency and convenience. You can seamlessly perform various actions by simply tapping or swiping on specific areas around the camera notch, such as launching apps, accessing shortcuts, controlling media playback, adjusting volume levels, and more.

Multiple Actions

With just a single tap on the camera hole, you can effortlessly capture screenshots of your screen, saving you time and effort. Need to light up your way in the dark? Toggle the flashlight on and off with speed right from your phone’s interface. No need to fumble for a separate flashlight device anymore.

Touch The Notch APK

But that’s not all! Accessing the power button menu has always been challenging. With Touch The Notch app, you can effortlessly open the power button menu without hassle or confusion.

Quick Access

Touch The Notch Premium APK offers a range of convenient features to enhance your Android experience. One notable addition is the minimized apps drawer, where icons are displayed horizontally next to the notch. This allows for easier access to recently used apps, eliminating the hassle of searching through multiple screens. Furthermore, you can launch the camera app effortlessly with a quick touch, ensuring that precious moments are captured instantly.

Other Features


  • Switch between automatic and manual screen orientation modes.
  • Enable or turn off the Do Not Disturb mode.


  • Use the camera hole area to scan QR codes.
  • Set up shortcuts for computerized functions on your device.
  • Launch your preferred websites quickly.


  • Adjust brightness between preset low and high values suitable for various lighting conditions.
  • Easily switch between different sound modes (e.g., silent, vibrate, and ring).


  • Play/pause music: Control music playback by tapping the camera hole area, similar to a headset button.
  • Play the next audio track: Skip to the next track in your music playlist.
  • Play previous audio track: Go back to the last audio track.

Accessibility Service API Usage

Touch The Notch MOD APK Premium Unlocked leverages the powerful features of the Android Accessibility Service API to enhance user experience. Using this technology, the app creates an invisible button encompassing the front camera cutout area on compatible devices. This strategically placed button is a convenient shortcut for users to perform various tasks efficiently.


With the Touch The Notch APK MOD, users have complete control over customizing the appearance of their dynamic notch. Designed to enhance user experience, this application allows individuals to personalize various aspects of the aperture according to their preferences. One can choose from a wide range of colors, enabling them to match it with their device’s theme or create a unique look. Furthermore, users are not limited to just one style; they can select from different shapes and designs that best suit their taste.

Download Touch The Notch MOD APK

Best Experience

Touch The Notch MOD APK offers a smooth and user-friendly interface designed to simplify the customization of functions and interactions with the camera hole area on your smartphone. With its innovative features and intuitive design, Touch The Notch app allows you to personalize how you interact with the notch, providing a seamless experience tailored to your preferences.

Conclusion: Download Touch The Notch MOD APK For Android

In conclusion, Touch The Notch Premium APK is an innovative Android app designed to make the most of the camera hole area on smartphones with punch-hole screens. It offers various customizable functions and actions that enhance the user experience and streamline daily tasks. The mobile app categorizes functions into multiple categories, including Actions, Access, Communications, Modes, Tools, Systems, and Media, providing users with a versatile set of tools. Take advantage of the opportunity to Download Touch The Notch MOD APK.


Is my data safe when using Touch The Notch MOD APK?

Touch The Notch MOD APK is 100% safe to download and use.

Does Touch The Notch APK drain my battery quickly?

Touch The Notch app does not drain your battery quickly for performing it's extraordinary features.

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