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App Name VoxBox MOD APK
Size 54 MB
Latest Version v7.1.1
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update March 22, 2024
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VoxBox MOD APK is a high-quality audio editing tool that allows you to unleash your creativity and produce top-notch soundtracks directly on your device. As a pro music editor, VoxBox offers a range of premium unlocked features, such as a multi-track audio mixer, an audio cutter and music trimmer, a voice recorder, and a drum pad. This makes it a comprehensive solution for all your audio mixing and editing needs.


The VoxBox Audio Editor MOD APK enables you to unlock the premium version to enjoy more advanced functions like video-to-audio conversion, splitting audio files, audio effects, and much more. You can adjust the audio volume and speed, quickly add multiple tracks, import audio from your device, and even convert audio and export effortlessly. If you’ve experienced FL Studio, you’ll find similar capabilities, such as changing or decreasing audio. Overall, VoxBox APK is your go-to music editor, perfect for all levels of music enthusiasts.

What Does VoxBox MOD APK Premium Unlocked Do?

VoxBox app stands as a revolutionary tool in audio editing and voiceover technology, bringing many features that make it a comprehensive solution for various audio needs. As a multi-track audio editor that rivals Audacity, it allows users to modify different audio bands, select audio from their device, record their voice with a high-quality voice recorder, and convert audio and export projects in MP3 or WAV formats.

The VoxBox Text To Speech Premium APK offers a user-friendly interface enhanced with editing tools such as an audio joiner, speed changer, music trimmer, and a range of audio effects, including flanger and phaser. Apart from its capabilities to decrease audio volume and perform precise audio cutting, it also provides sample rates, an equalizer, and a zoom track feature that ensures the perfect sound.

VoxBox Audio Editor MOD APK

Beyond simple audio editing, the VoxBox app is a fully equipped mixer and music mixer that provides a seamless experience akin to renowned platforms like FL Studio and Audacity. It enables users to add multiple tracks, merge music, and add music and text to images, essentially creating videos. The multiline music editor and mixer, complemented by a beat looper and custom drum pad packages, allow users to create endless audio loops and music jams. Furthermore, the VoxBox app also supports the conversion of videos to audio files and adding music to photos, thereby broadening the range of its utility.

Can I customize the audio output in VoxBox Audio Editor MOD APK?

VoxBox AI MOD APK provides various customization options to enhance the audio creation experience. Users can select background music that complements their content, adjusting the pitch and speed of the voice to achieve the desired tone and pacing. The emotional settings allow users to infuse their audio with different emotions, making it more expressive and lifelike. These features empower users to create personalized and realistic audio files that perfectly align with their preferences and the specific requirements of their projects. Whether adding a touch of sentimentality or capturing the excitement of a scene, VoxBox’s customization options make it a versatile tool for creating engaging and immersive audio content.

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What are the Unique Features of VoxBox MOD APK?

Voice Cloning

VoxBox APK gives its users the ability to clone their own AI voice. This groundbreaking feature allows users to create audio content that perfectly mirrors their distinctive vocal style.

VoxBox Text To Speech Premium APK

Effectively, users can craft unique audio materials without recording their voices physically. Instead, the cloned AI voice can perform this task, producing high-quality audio content with an authentic personal touch.

Wide Range of Voices

With a vast collection of more than 4000+ voices, VoxBox MOD APK offers an incredibly diverse and extensive range of rich and captivating voices. This impressive variety ensures that users can discover the ideal voice that perfectly matches their unique projects, enabling them to create truly exceptional and compelling content. Whether it’s a professional narration, a captivating audiobook, or an engaging advertisement, VoxBox has the perfect voice waiting to bring any project to life with its exceptional talent pool.

Support for Multiple Languages

VoxBox Audio Editor APK, a versatile tool for creating audio content, boasts an impressive feature – multilingual support. It currently supports 79 distinct languages, remarkably providing widespread global coverage.

VoxBox APK

This superior trait ensures that no matter where you’re located or which tongue you speak, it’s likely that VoxBox has got you covered. Henceforth, users can create and share audio content that reflects their diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Background Music Integration

With the VoxBox MOD APK, users can add background music to their existing audio files. This feature significantly enhances the overall listening experience of any audio content.

Each file becomes more enticing and enjoyable as the VoxBox transforms all sounds into engaging audio compositions. Artfully combining your main audio with fitting background music can make even the most mundane content a captivating auditory journey.

Pitch and Speed Adjustments

VoxBox provides a wide range of options for users to tweak and fine-tune the voice pitch and audio speed. With this remarkable tool at their disposal, individuals can effortlessly personalize the synthesized sound according to their unique requirements and the preferences of their listeners. Whether someone desires a higher or lower pitch or a faster or slower tempo, VoxBox encompasses all the necessary features to deliver a tailor-made auditory experience. This incredible flexibility empowers users to explore the full potential of their voices and create captivating audio content that resonates harmoniously with their intended audience.

Emotional Settings

VoxBox APK MOD has revolutionized the realm of synthesized audio through the use of its voice emotion settings. This remarkable characteristic injects an authentic emotional range into the mechanical voice typically associated with speech synthesis technology.

VoxBox Audio Editor APK

VoxBox MOD APK transforms your audio experience into something far more lifelike and realistic by pivoting away from monotonous robotic tones. Whether you’re missing a note of joy or need to communicate sorrow effectively in your synthesized speech, this technology can infuse various emotions into it.

Pros and Cons of VoxBox Multi-track Audio Editor App


  • VoxBox Text to Speech Toolbox enables users to convert text into human-like speech, making it easier for visually impaired individuals to consume content.
  • The software supports multiple languages, allowing a wide range of users from different regions to utilize the tool effectively.
  • It offers various voice options and tones which can be customized according to user preferences, enhancing their experience.
  • VoxBox is user-friendly with its intuitive interface, so it’s easy for anyone to navigate and use.
  • It provides an efficient way of creating audio files from written content as needed, such as eBooks or course materials.


  • Despite having many languages available, the quality and accuracy of non-English language conversion may only sometimes be up to par in VoxBox APK.
  • Some users might find the customization settings complex if they need to be tech-savvy.
  • As a digital tool, it requires an internet connection for full functionality, which could limit usage in areas with poor connectivity.
  • Although the text-to-speech conversion is pretty good in clarity, there could still be instances where words or sentences sound unnatural or robotic.
  • Depending on its pricing structure, it may not be affordable for all potential users, especially those who need it for personal use rather than commercial purposes.

Why Download VoxBox MOD APK?

Downloading VoxBox offers users a powerful and versatile text-to-speech app with various features to enhance their audio creation experience. VoxBox Audio Editor MOD APK allows users to convert text into high-quality audio files easily. With access to 4000+ voices in 79 languages, users can personalize their audio content to suit their needs. The app also provides options for adjusting voice pitch and speed and adding background music, allowing for customization and creative expression.


VoxBox MOD APK is an audio editing tool that allows users to create high-quality soundtracks on their devices. It offers premium unlocked features such as a multi-track audio mixer, audio cutter and music trimmer, voice recorder, and drum pad, making it a comprehensive solution for audio mixing and editing.


Can I create my own AI voice with VoxBox?

Yes, VoxBox MOD APK enables users to clone their own AI voices for generating personalized audio content.

How can I save and share audio created with VoxBox?

You can save the audio files created within the app and easily share them on various platforms or devices.

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