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App Name Zero Cleaner MOD APK
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Latest Version v2.4
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Update December 25, 2023
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The Zero Cleaner MOD APK emerges as a comprehensive solution designed by the DP Soft team to enhance the overall performance of Android phones. This version offers a suite of optimization tools that efficiently clean unnecessary files, thus freeing up valuable storage space. Among the zero cleaner features, the app includes a user-friendly interface that allows users to analyze and clear cache effortlessly, thereby improving the device’s operation. Furthermore, the app ensures that no private information is compromised, adhering to strict privacy protocols.

Zero Cleaner MOD APK

Optimization software such as Zero Cleaner APK is crucial for users looking to improve their phone’s performance without repeated manual effort. With a simple tap, the app can automate the clearing process, saving time and avoiding the harm caused by malicious software. The service also offers a schedule function, enabling users to set regular cleanups to maintain their device’s health. For those with physical disabilities or muscle fatigue, the app can act as an associate assistant, minimizing the need for repetitive tasks. However, despite the automated nature of the service, user control remains paramount, ensuring that the app’s operation can be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

What Does Zero Cleaner MOD APK Do?

Zero Cleaner: Clear Cache is a powerful app designed to optimize the performance of your device by clearing cached data. With this feature-packed app, you can quickly analyze and manage the cache of your installed apps. The app allows you to manually or automatically clear the cache of individual apps, freeing up valuable storage space and improving device speed. Zero Cleaner Premium APK also keeps a history of your cache-clearing activities, providing detailed information about each action performed.

Additionally, the app offers a floating dock for quick and easy access. By utilizing the Accessibility Service API, Zero Cleaner automates the cache-clearing process without collecting or sharing any user data. Zero Cleaner: Clear Cache is the perfect solution if you want to boost your device’s performance and reclaim storage space.

Can Zero Cleaner: Clear Cache APK improve device performance?

Zero Cleaner Pro APK is a tool that considerably enhances your device’s performance. It accomplishes this by meticulously clearing accumulated cached data, often clogging up your system.

Zero Cleaner APK

Freeing up storage space on your gadget is one of the primary functions that Zero Cleaner fulfills effectively. Eliminating redundant stored files liberates valuable space on your device, allowing other applications to function more efficiently.

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What are the Key Features of Zero Cleaner MOD APK?

Cache Analysis

Zero Cleaner is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze the cache of all your installed apps meticulously. With this exceptional feature, you can effortlessly gain valuable insights into the amount of precious storage space currently occupied by the often overlooked cached data. This invaluable knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions, take necessary actions to optimize your device’s performance, and ensure that valuable storage capacity is well-spent.

Cache Clearing

Zero Cleaner Premium APK is a practical utility tool that lets you manually clear the cache of individual apps. The power to perform such manual cleaning is traditionally absent in most typical smartphone settings, but Zero Cleaner effectively introduces and enhances this feature.

Zero Cleaner Premium APK

Operating this app is quite simple. Open the application and select which apps’ caches you wish to clear. All the unnecessary cache files are efficiently removed from your device in just a few seconds.

Automatic Cache Clearing

Zero Cleaner MOD APK is a powerful and efficient application that takes your cache-clearing experience to the next level. With its automatic cache-clearing option, you can keep your device running smoothly and efficiently. Gone are the days of manually clearing the cache of selected apps, as Zero Cleaner does all the hard work for you.

By regularly clearing the cache, you not only save valuable time but also ensure that your device performs at its best. So why use this feature-packed app and optimize your mobile experience with Zero Cleaner APK MOD?

History Tracking

The app is designed to be efficient and user-friendly. One of its standout features is the built-in cache-clearing activity tracker. With this feature, you can easily keep track of all the apps for which you have cleared the cache. Whether you’re a casual user or a savvy tech enthusiast, having a record of your cache-clearing activities can be incredibly helpful. It allows you to stay organized and ensure that you are optimizing your device’s performance.

Zero Cleaner APK MOD

The app provides a comprehensive list of the apps you have cleared the cache for, giving you a clear overview of your maintenance efforts. This feature saves you time and gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have taken steps to keep your device running smoothly. So, with the Zero Cleaner app, you can confidently clear your cache, knowing you have a reliable record of your activities.

Detailed History

Zero Cleaner MOD APK brings you more than the typical history feature. With a particular emphasis on offering detailed historical data, Zero Cleaner is at the forefront of optimizing utility apps.

This application does not merely list your cache-clearing events but delves deeper into each one. It extends its offerings by providing exhaustive information about every cache cleanup. This includes vital details such as the exact date and time when the action was implemented.

Floating Dock

Zero Cleaner has a convenient floating dock that effortlessly grants you access to launch the application. This remarkable feature guarantees swift and effortless accessibility, ensuring you can conveniently utilize Zero Cleaner whenever needed. Whether you find yourself in a rush or require immediate access to the app, the floating dock provides a seamless solution that enhances the overall user experience of Zero Cleaner.

Zero Cleaner Clear Cache MOD APK

Not only does Zero Cleaner APK Premium offer a floating dock for easy access, but it also boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the cleaning process. With just a few taps, you can initiate a comprehensive scan of your device, allowing the app to identify and eliminate all unnecessary files and clutter. The app’s intuitive design ensures that even less tech-savvy individuals can navigate its features effortlessly.

Pros and Cons of Zero Cleaner: Clear Cache MOD APK


  • Clearing app caches can free up space and enhance the device’s speed and performance.
  • Provides a simple and efficient way to manage app caches, either manually or automatically.
  • Keeps a detailed record of actions taken, aiding in monitoring and managing cache clearance activities.
  • Zero Cleaner MOD APK offers a floating dock for easy and quick access to the app’s functionalities.


  • Automatic cache clearance might remove important temporary data that some apps rely on, potentially causing them to malfunction until they rebuild their caches.
  • Utilizing this service may raise security concerns for some users, as it requires broader access to the device’s functions.
  • While it specializes in cache clearance, the app might lack other comprehensive device optimization features that users may find in alternative applications.
  • Specific devices or app versions might not be fully compatible, leading to potential errors or malfunctioning in the cache-clearing process.

Why Download Zero Cleaner MOD APK Premium Unlocked?

If you want to optimize your device’s performance and free up storage space, downloading the app is an intelligent choice. With its cache analysis and clearing features, Zero Cleaner allows you to remove unnecessary cached data, improving device speed efficiently. The app also offers automatic cache clearing and detailed history tracking for convenience and control. Plus, the floating dock feature ensures quick access whenever you need it. Don’t let cache clutter slow down your device – download Zero Cleaner APK and keep your device running smoothly.


Zero Cleaner MOD APK is a highly effective tool for maintaining the optimal functionality of your device. It cleans up junk files effectively, boosts performance, and extends battery life. A must-have for those seeking to optimize their device’s operating capabilities and improve user experience. Its ease of use and efficiency make it an essential app in today’s digital age. So why wait? Download the Zero Cleaner Premium APK now and experience a smoother, faster device like never before.


Can Zero Cleaner MOD APK improve device performance?

Yes, Zero Cleaner can improve device performance by clearing cached data. By freeing up storage space and reducing clutter, it helps optimize system resources and enhance overall speed.

Is Zero Cleaner safe to use?

Yes, Zero Cleaner is designed to be safe for use. It utilizes the Accessibility Service API to automate cache clearance without collecting or sharing user data.

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