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Kiwi Browser

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App Name Kiwi Browser MOD APK
Size 130 MB
Latest Version v120.0.6099.116
MOD Info Latest Version
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Update March 1, 2024
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The Kiwi Browser MOD APK is a lightweight, yet powerful web browser designed for android mobile devices. As a user-focused app, it offers a seamless and efficient way to browse the internet, watch videos, and read news. Based on Chromium and Webkit, the engine that powers popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Kiwi APK guarantees fast page load times and a familiar interface for users accustomed to mainstream web browsers. Its built-in ad blocker efficiently blocks intrusive advertisements, while its robust privacy settings ensure user data remains secure.

Kiwi Browser MOD APK

The app, developed by Geometry OU, allows for the download and installation of numerous extensions, offering a customizable browsing experience. It also features a bottom address bar, a unique setting that enhances user-interface on mobile screens. Users can manage bookmarks with the option to import, transfer to an external folder, or keep them on a default tab. Notably, the Kiwi Browser APK is compatible with various Android versions and can block slow and invasive trackers, furthering its commitment to user privacy. In addition, its night mode with adjustable contrast ensures a comfortable browsing experience, even in low-light conditions. With all these features, Kiwi Browser Pro APK clearly stands out as a reliable and user-friendly web browsing option.

Kiwi Browser MOD APK – Fast & Quiet

Kiwi Browser for Android is a browser for mobile powered by the same engine that powers the most popular browser in the world. This ensures you don’t lose your habits or have to compromise on speed. The Kiwi Browser Premium APK allows you to optimize your browsing experience by incorporating an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. Designed to enhance how you interact with the web on your smartphone, Kiwi is made to browse the internet with ease, providing a seamless way to accessibility and manage your favorite content.

What sets Kiwi APK apart is its focus on privacy and security, offering features like built-in ad blocking and protection against malicious websites. With the latest version, you can now also manage your privacy settings more efficiently and even use fingerprint authentication for additional security, without annoyances. The browser also incorporates the ability to download Kiwi Browser extensions, enhancing its capability and making it one of the most versatile web browsers available.

Kiwi Browser APK

For users looking to customize their experience further, there’s Kiwi Browser MOD APK, which boasts additional features tailored to user preference. With high-speed browsing guaranteed, Kiwi integrates seamlessly with your favorite search engine, enabling you to perform a couple of searches quickly and smoothly. Furthermore, features still in test, like discord integration, suggest that Kiwi aims to maintain its status as a trustworthy and popular browser choice, always looking to go ahead of user needs.

Lastly, Kiwi’s wide range of features makes it akin to like Google Chrome, yet it stands out with its unique offerings that optimize the mobile web browsing experience. Whether you’re adjusting settings in the go to settings menu for a more personalized experience or enjoying the high speed and user-friendly interface, Kiwi makes web browsing on your smartphone both powerful and enjoyable. Ahead of the curve in browser for mobile technology, Kiwi continues to offer an intuitive, efficient way to browse the web seamlessly.

How does Kiwi APK handle pop-ups and ads?

Kiwi Browser features a robust pop-up blocker that actively blocks intrusive ads and pop-ups, ensuring users can browse the internet without constant interruptions from unwanted advertisements. This blocker is part of Kiwi’s suite of privacy and user experience tools, aimed at creating a cleaner, faster, and more peaceful browsing environment. By eliminating distractions and potential malware risks associated with certain types of pop-ups, Kiwi Browser allows for a more secure and enjoyable online experience.

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What are the Unique Features of Kiwi Browser MOD APK?

Chromium Base

The Kiwi Browser APK MOD leverages the same technology as leading web browsers like Google Chrome, ensuring seamless compatibility for users accustomed to Chromium-based browsers. Its familiar interface and underlying engine provide a smooth transition experience for those who regularly use such browsers. With support for various extensions and functionalities, Kiwi Browser offers a user-friendly web-browsing experience similar to popular options in the market. This app’s design prioritizes user convenience by offering features that are easily accessible and intuitive to navigate.

Kiwi APK

Additionally, its robust performance capabilities enable swift loading times and efficient browsing sessions for users looking for a reliable alternative browser option. Whether on desktop or mobile devices, Kiwi Browser provides a cohesive web-browsing experience that echoes the familiarity of established Chromium-based browsers while also catering to individual preferences through customizable settings.

Exceptional Page Load Speed

Kiwi Browser’s optimized rendering engine is a standout feature that significantly accelerates website loading times, providing users with a swift and seamless browsing experience. By incorporating advanced optimization techniques and leveraging the power of Chromium and WebKit, the engine behind the most popular browsers, Kiwi Browser MOD APK Latest Version ensures that web pages are displayed with exceptional speed.

Kiwi Browser Pro APK

This optimization reduces the wait time for users, making the process of reading news, watching videos, and listening to music on the internet more efficient and enjoyable. The faster loading times not only enhance user satisfaction but also improve the overall performance of the browser, making Kiwi Browser Fast & Quiet APK an ideal choice for those seeking a fast, reliable, and user-friendly web browsing solution.

Pop-Ups Blocker

Kiwi Browser Pro APK incorporates a highly effective pop-up blocker designed to eliminate annoying ads and unwanted disruptions, significantly enhancing the browsing experience. This feature targets intrusive pop-ups that can hinder the smooth navigation of websites, ensuring that users can enjoy their online activities without constant interruptions. By effectively blocking these unwanted elements, Kiwi Browser not only improves the aesthetics and usability of web pages but also contributes to faster page loading times and increased privacy protection. The inclusion of this robust pop-up blocker is a testament to Kiwi Browser’s commitment to providing a cleaner, more enjoyable, and user-focused web browsing environment.

Facebook Web Messenger Access

The Kiwi Browser MOD APK 120.0.6099.116 offers users the ability to access Facebook Messenger directly through their browser, eliminating the need for the Facebook app. This feature streamlines communication by providing a convenient way to stay connected without switching between multiple platforms. Users can easily send messages, make calls, and share media all within the Kiwi Browser environment.

Kiwi Browser Premium MOD APK

By removing the reliance on the official Facebook app, users can enjoy a smoother experience with faster access to Messenger features. The Kiwi Browser’s integration of Messenger allows for seamless navigation and quick response times, enhancing overall user satisfaction. Additionally, this feature is beneficial for those who prefer using a browser interface over traditional mobile apps.

Night Mode

Kiwi APK features a customizable night mode that comes with adjustable contrast and grayscale settings, catering to users’ preferences for a more comfortable nighttime browsing experience. This mode includes a unique option for pure AMOLED black, which not only enhances the visual comfort by reducing eye strain in low-light conditions but also contributes to battery savings on devices with AMOLED screens.

By turning off pixels entirely in areas of the screen that are meant to display black, it conserves power, making it an energy-efficient choice. This thoughtful integration of customizable night mode settings underscores Kiwi Browser’s commitment to user comfort and device efficiency, allowing individuals to tailor their browsing environment to their specific needs and preferences.

Bottom Address Bar

The Kiwi Browser MOD APK brings a convenient feature that places the address bar at the bottom of the screen for easier accessibility on mobile devices. This positioning allows users to reach the address bar with their thumbs, making navigation more comfortable and efficient. The user-friendly design enhances the browsing experience by reducing strain on fingers and improving overall usability. With the address bar positioned at the bottom, users can quickly type in URLs, search queries, or access bookmarks with ease. This feature is especially helpful for one-handed browsing, as it eliminates the need to stretch across a larger screen on smartphones.


Overall, the Kiwi Browser Premium MOD APK offers a practical solution for mobile browsing by optimizing navigation controls for increased convenience. By placing essential tools like the address bar within easy reach, users can enjoy a smoother and more seamless browsing experience on their devices. Whether scrolling through websites or conducting online searches, having the address bar at the bottom simplifies tasks and streamlines interactions with web content. Upgrade to Kiwi Browser today to explore these enhanced features and take your mobile browsing to new heights.

Customizable Homepage

Kiwi Browser APK allows users to manage, add, or remove website tiles on the homepage, providing quick and easy access to their favorite sites. This feature enables users to customize their browsing experience by organizing the homepage according to their preferences and browsing habits. By long-pressing on a tile, users can rearrange or delete existing tiles and click the [+] button to add new website shortcuts. This level of personalization ensures that users have immediate access to the websites they visit most frequently, streamlining the browsing process and enhancing overall efficiency and convenience.

Tracker Blocking

The Kiwi Browser MOD APK is a powerful tool that helps to protect user privacy by preventing slow and invasive trackers from compromising their online activities. By utilizing advanced technologies, the browser can block unwanted tracking scripts and cookies that collect users’ sensitive information without their consent. This feature ensures that users can browse the internet without being followed or monitored by third-party trackers.

Kiwi Browser APK MOD

Additionally, the Kiwi Browser offers enhanced security measures to safeguard users’ personal data and browsing history from potential threats. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for individuals to navigate through their favorite websites securely and efficiently. Overall, the Kiwi Browser is a reliable solution for those seeking to maintain their online privacy while enjoying a seamless browsing experience.

Custom Downloads Folder

Kiwi Browser Pro APK enhances file management by allowing users to set a preferred location for their downloaded files. This feature adds significant convenience, as users can organize their downloads in a way that best suits their needs, making it easier to locate and manage files on their device. By providing the option to choose where downloaded files are stored, Kiwi Browser ensures that users have greater control over their file organization and can maintain a cleaner, more structured storage system. This customization is particularly useful for those who frequently download various types of content and wish to keep their device organized and efficient.

Pros and Cons of Kiwi Browser APK MOD


  • Kiwi Browser offers built-in ad blocking, reducing interruptions during browsing.
  • It includes a dark mode feature that is easy on the eyes for night-time browsing.
  • The browser supports Chrome extensions, providing additional functionality to users.
  • Kiwi Browser has a fast rendering engine, leading to quick loading times for web pages.
  • It allows users to customize the browser with various themes and settings to suit their preferences.


  • Some users have reported occasional stability issues and crashes while using Kiwi Browser.
  • Privacy concerns have been raised due to the unknown background of the browser’s developers.
  • Updates may not be as frequent or reliable compared to more established browsers like Chrome or Firefox.
  • Some advanced features available in other browsers may be lacking in Kiwi Browser’s current version.
  • Limited customer support can make it difficult to troubleshoot issues or seek assistance when needed.

Why Download Kiwi Browser MOD APK Latest Version?

Kiwi Browser stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking a swift and efficient internet navigation experience. Built on Chromium, it offers a familiar yet enhanced browsing environment, akin to Google Chrome, but with significant improvements in speed and privacy. Users particularly appreciate its ad-blocking capabilities and support for Chrome extensions, allowing for a highly customized web journey. Furthermore, its emphasis on user privacy, with features like tracking protection, ensures a safer browsing experience. Kiwi Browser Fast & Quiet MOD APK is also optimized for performance, ensuring quick page loads and minimal lag, making it an ideal choice for both casual browsing and more intensive web use.


Kiwi Browser MOD APK stands out as a powerful web browsing solution for Android, offering a blend of speed, privacy, and user customization. Its core features include an optimized rendering engine for fast page loads, a robust pop-up blocker, and extensive extension support. Unique offerings like customizable night mode, a bottom address bar, and the ability to set download locations enhance user experience. With its user-centric design and commitment to performance, Kiwi APK MOD is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a seamless and tailored browsing experience.


Can I customize the homepage?

Yes, you can manage, move, delete, or add new website tiles on the homepage for quick access to your favorite sites.

Can I access Facebook Messenger through Kiwi Browser MOD APK?

Yes, you can unlock and use Facebook Web Messenger directly through without the need to install the Facebook app.

Can I change the download folder location?

Yes, you can choose where your downloaded files are stored by customizing the Downloads folder in the settings.

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