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App Name Cutout Pro MOD APK
Size 23 MB
Latest Version v1.13
MOD Info Premium Unlocked, Latest Version
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Update December 2, 2023
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Cutout Pro MOD APK is an android potent and intuitive photo editor that makes background removal and background swapping easier than ever before. Using cutting-edge AI technology, this app enables you to effortlessly remove objects from photos, replace backgrounds, and create breathtaking compositions.

The android device app provides two primary modes: AI Auto Mode and Manual Mode. In AI Auto Mode, the app intelligently detects people, animals, plants, and even anime characters in your photographs. The AI tool accurately removes the background with a single click, sparing you the trouble of manually erasing intricate backgrounds bit by bit.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, Manual Mode gives you precise control over the selection process. Simply outline the object you wish to cut out, and the app will provide simple tools for erasing and repairing the cutout image if necessary.

Cutout Pro MOD APK

With Cutout Pro Premium APK’s DSLR Blur Mode, you can apply a realistic blur effect to your photographs. This effect replicates the shallow depth of field achieved by professional DSLR cameras, resulting in beautifully blurred backgrounds that highlight the subject.

What is Cutout Pro MOD APK free download?

Cutout Pro MOD APK is a best professional photo editing software that allows users to alter photo backgrounds and remove objects from images. The application uses AI technology and advanced algorithms to automate the background removal and object selection processes, making them simpler and more effective.

Users can remove the background from photos and replace it with a new background of their choosing using an app called Cutout Pro MOD. This feature is especially useful for creating compositions with a professional appearance, product images for e-commerce, and amusing social media edits.

The app features an AI Auto Mode in which the AI tool automatically detects objects such as people, animals, and plants in a photograph. The app can accurately separate the desired object from the background with a single click, eliminating the need for manual selection or erasing.

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How do I use Cutout Pro latest version to remove the background from a photo?

To begin editing with Cutout Pro APK file, simply launch the application and select the image to edit. There are two modes available for selection: AI Auto Mode and Manual Mode. In AI Auto Mode, the app employs sophisticated algorithms to detect the objects in a photo and remove the background with a single click. Manual Mode, on the other hand, enables you to manually outline the object you wish to extract, giving you control over the selection process. You are able to make adjustments to achieve precise results. After the background has been successfully removed, you can replace it with a new background or leave it transparent, depending on your desired effect or artistic vision.

Useful Features of Cutout Pro MOD APK Download

Background Removal

The app offers an intuitive method for effortlessly removing the background from your photos. With this application, you are free to choose any photo to edit. Cutout Pro offers two distinct modes to facilitate background removal, AI Auto Mode and Manual Mode, once the desired image has been selected.

In AI Auto Mode, the app leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically detect the objects present in your photo. Cutout Pro MOD intelligently separates the object from its background with a single click, ensuring a smooth and accurate extraction. This mode streamlines the editing process by eliminating the need to manually erase the background.

If you prefer a more manual approach and want greater control over the selection process, Cutout Pro’s Manual Mode is available to you. In this mode, you can manually trace the perimeter of the object you wish to separate from its background. This allows you to make precise adjustments, preserving even the most intricate details precisely.

AI Auto Mode

When using Cut out Pro MOD APK in AI Auto Mode, the app analyzes the contents of your photos using sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms are specifically designed to recognize and identify objects within an image, allowing the app to intelligently and precisely separate them from the background.

After selecting the image to be edited, you can activate AI Auto Mode with a single click. Then, Cutout Pro quickly and automatically detects the various objects within the image. It analyzes the edges, contours, and colors of the objects in order to determine their boundaries.

Cutout Pro then proceeds to remove the background from the photo with a single click after a thorough analysis. The app’s AI algorithms precisely cut along the outlines of the objects, removing any background elements that are not necessary. This automated process eliminates the need to manually erase the background, saving you a substantial amount of time and effort.

Background Removal

After successfully removing the background from a photograph using Cutout Pro MOD APK download, a vast array of creative opportunities become available. Having removed the background, you are free to replace it with a new one that better fits your artistic vision or desired context.

Download Cutout Pro MOD APK for two background selection options. The app provides a curated selection of backgrounds from which you can select directly within the app. This collection may contain a variety of high-quality images, such as landscapes, cityscapes, textures, and patterns. These ready-to-use backgrounds are conveniently accessible, allowing you to quickly experiment and find the perfect match for your edited photo.

In addition, Cutout Pro free download permits the use of a custom background image. This allows you to import any image from your device’s gallery or from your preferred image source. Whether it’s a photo you took yourself, a stock image, or a digital artwork, you can integrate it seamlessly as the new background for your edited photo.

Mode Color Splash

In addition to its background removal capabilities, Cutout Pro app also provides a Color Splash Mode, which adds an additional creative dimension to the photo editing process. This mode enables you to apply a variety of special effects and color transformations to your images, enhancing their visual impact and allowing you to create distinctive stylistic interpretations.

When you activate the Color Splash Mode in Cutout Pro APK, you can apply a variety of effects to your photographs. These effects include popular choices like black and white and sepia. Each effect has its own unique qualities, allowing you to experiment with various styles and emotions.

By emphasizing contrast and tonal range, the black and white effect can give your photos a timeless and classic appearance, for instance. The sepia effect, on the other hand, imparts a warm, nostalgic tone reminiscent of vintage photography. These effects, along with others that may be available, allow you to dramatically alter the mood and atmosphere of your photos, making them more visually compelling and evocative.

Design Graphic Templates

Cutout Pro MOD APK for Android offers a variety of pre-designed graphic design templates that can elevate your creative projects beyond simple background removal. The profile pictures, birthday invitations, fitness designs, and event graphics provided by these templates offer a convenient starting point for your designs.

When you explore the app’s collection of templates, you will find a variety of professionally crafted designs that you can customize to your liking. These visually appealing templates can save you a significant amount of time and effort when creating designs from scratch.

After selecting a template that corresponds to your desired style or purpose, Cutout Pro enables you to customize it with your own text, stickers, and images. You can add custom text to communicate a specific message or tailor the design to a particular event. The application may allow you to select from a variety of font styles, sizes, and colors, ensuring that your text complements the overall design aesthetic.

Download Cutout Pro MOD APK

Cutout Pro MOD APK is one of most powerful photo editor designed to simplify the background removal and photo editing processes. Its AI Auto Mode and Manual Mode provide efficient and precise tools for separating objects from their backgrounds. The app’s intuitive interface and advanced AI algorithms allow you to focus on the creative aspects of your projects while saving time and effort.

In addition to background replacement options, DSLR Blur Mode, Shape Blur Mode, and Color Splash Mode, Cutout Pro offers a variety of additional enhancement features. These features allow you to create stunning compositions, apply artistic effects, and manipulate your images’ visual elements.


Is Cutout Pro MOD APK easy to use?

Absolutely! Cutout Pro has an intuitive interface, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced users.

Can I replace the removed background with a new one in Cutout Pro?

Absolutely! Cutout Pro allows you to choose from a selection of backgrounds or use your own custom image.

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